Boo Butterfly
Just ordered this pattern and am so excited to stitch it. This pattern is fun, fun, fun! There are so many subtle themes running through it that make this pattern so much fun from the cemetary that makes up the border to the Jack O' Lantern smile at the bottom of the butterfly wings and the two eyes inset, this is truly a one of a kind Halloween pattern. The pattern is printed nice and clear and is easy to follow. I am looking forward to more designs from this company!
Posted by: lffesq on 09/11/18
I don't usually stitch Halloween patterns, but I may have to change my mind for this one! So cool!
by: susiebelle7 on 09/11/18
It amazes me how people that just ordered a pattern, know about how the pattern reads...clairvoyance is such a wonderful gift!
by: VCESS on 09/11/18
To the person who said I was clairvoyant- if you read my comment closely, I indicated receipt of the pattern. Wow! Who would have expected such nastiness here. Next time read more closely before throwing derogatory remarks. Better still, keep them to yourself. To Vcess
by: lffesq on 09/12/18
I was NOT being "nasty" discern that you had received the pattern, I would have to be clairvoyant. "Just ordered" usually means just what it says.
BTW, why are YOU being nasty? If you meant "Just received", why not just say so? At least I'm funny...LOL
by: VCESS on 09/12/18
That butterfly is super cute! Be sure to post pictures as you work on it so we can see how beautiful it turns out. Are you going to stitch on the same color fabric as the picture?
by: adcoresky on 09/12/18
I do hope you will post a picture of your work, Iffesq - this really is a fun and intricate design ... not to mention the brain-teaser aspect! I appreciate your insight into the pattern, too - I am working a pattern now that is quite small, so I use a magnifier to read it as I stitch. I have been considering this purchase - your review takes me one step closer. :) Happy stitching!
by: lmurdoch on 09/12/18
I have been eyeing that one too! I usually don't do holiday
theme designs but I love how you don't realize what is making
up the butterfly until you peer inside. The colours are great too.
Keep us posted! I still would like to purchase that pattern. Have fun!!!!!
by: maryann8121 on 09/12/18
Wow, I didn't realize how cute this pattern is! When I first saw a butterfly on the Halloween sale list, I sort of shook my head thinking what does a butterfly have to do with Halloween. I didn't even bother to look closely at it. Thank you for bringing to my attention the neat fun stuff that this pattern includes. The cemetery around the border is just adorable! My sister loves butterflies so maybe I will do this one for her someday. I think I will put it on my wishlist or maybe even my cart!
by: ladyj117 on 09/12/18
I did the same thing, thought what does a butterfly have to do with Halloween? After seeing all the posts about it I took a closer look at it and my lord it is cute! :) It is now on the wish list. You people are such bad ;)
by: Nettie on 09/12/18
I ordered it too! I have been wanting too and
you just pushed me over the edge! Hah! Have you ordered
the fabric? I wasn't sure where to get that.
by: maryann8121 on 09/12/18