sewing method
let me start by saying I like to cross stitch, recently I have discovered flosstube. As I watch and listen many say they do the sewing method for faster results so--- I watched a tutorial. This is not how I stitch and I'm curious if many others follow this technique. Maybe I need to get with the times so to speak. Happy stitching to all.
Posted by: randd2178 on 09/13/18
I have never heard of this. Can you post the link to the video?
by: carissalindsey30 on 09/13/18
I have used this method when starting out on a new project but found, at least for me, it doesn't work that well on a large pattern as the thread tends to get tangled with the other threads and either shreds or splits them. I have also found I can tend to put a crease in my fabric on a larger pattern and if the threads are close in color I can confuse the crap out of
by: Nettie on 09/13/18
Sorry, not one for faster results--I stitch to relax, therapy recover from stroke--mind, eye, hand coordination. And just the shear enjoyment of the activity--yes I like when I completed a project--most of mine are cover all with lots of confetti. Not everything needs to be instant--I even won't drink instant coffee!!!! Slow down enjoy.
by: dave001 on 09/13/18
I went on to a couple of youtube videos and I am not sure what type of stitching they do. The one I watched the longest seemed to be stitching the same way I do but to be honest I didn't watch the entire video so I am not sure what or where a difference came in. I agree with Dave, I stitch to relax and enjoy not sure I need to aggravate myself by speeding things up.
by: ladyj117 on 09/13/18
I do not use the sewing method.

I have tried it, and also found that the thread tangles more easily. I also found that my floss was twisty and didn't lie flat, so the finished project was less attractive. I'm a bit of a perfectionist about my stitching, and like the way the floss just shines when all the threads are flat and even and not twisted around.
by: craftydivakat on 09/13/18
I do not use the sewing method either. I know I would still enjoy stitching if I could go faster, but it's not to be. I can't even get the hang of my dominant hand to stay under the fabric and use my other hand on top. By all means give it a try and decide if it'll work for you! Liz
by: lhogan57 on 09/13/18
It's not ‘Broke’, so I don’t ‘fix’ it when it comes to my stitching technique. I may be slow but it was the turtle that won the race, not the rabbit...🐢
by: Bermuda on 09/13/18
I agree. I don't use the sewing method, either, nor can I do the two-handed method some of my friends swear by. I guess I'm just not coordinated enough. I need to see what both hands are doing. Count me in with the old-fashioned crowd! 😁 Stitching is not a race, it's meant to be enjoyed. I stitch because I love it and it relaxes me, not to see how fast I can get something done.
by: susiebelle7 on 09/13/18
When I first started to cross stitch (in 1989), I was told to NOT use the "sewing method," to use the old tried and true stab method - up in lower left, down in upper right, etc. Then reverse for the upper stitch. I can't even figure out how you would use the sewing method since piece is in a hoop!
by: mkhanes on 09/13/18
I didn't realize I was doing this! I just did it for large areas that are the same color, however I'm not working on pieces to frame, and I feel that after I wash and air dry my finished work, it's hard to tell.
by: kuehnhouse on 09/13/18