Nurses are like Quilts
What aida count fabric would you recommend for this project?
Posted by: gramhat on 09/13/18
gramhat - I did this last year for my oldest granddaughter who had just finished nurses training and I did it on 14 count aida and it was beautiful. I hope you make it.
by: clpatt123 on 09/13/18
clpatt123 Thank you, I'm thinking of doing this for MY oldest granddaughter too! She is in her last year of nursing college and I thought it would be a nice Christmas gift this year.

I have more questions: Is the heart an embellishment, not stitching? And what is threadX?
by: gramhat on 09/13/18
Looking at the description it appears to be DMC thread with a few specialty threads and some Mill Hill Treasures (ornaments) to sew on as well. Looks beautiful.
by: deirdre on 09/13/18
gramhat, the supplies list contains a Mill Hill quartz heart to be purchased separately. It's a beautiful design, have fun stitching it!
by: susiebelle7 on 09/13/18
gramhat - I bought this pattern from Stoney Creek and they sell the heart embellishment as well as the pattern. ECS has the threadworx thread. It only uses a little of the thread and I thought of not getting it but because it was special for my granddaughter I bought it and was glad I did when I saw the finished project. It really is pretty and the quilt squares were fun to work on. I hope you make it. Keep us posted.
by: clpatt123 on 09/14/18
Thank you so much for the input. I'm not ready to buy yet, but most likely will.
by: gramhat on 09/14/18