DMC floss questions
I purchased a Needle Bing Designs to do as cross stitch. It calls for WDW 1229 and WDW 2139 floss. Can you suggest DMC colors? Thanks
Posted by: fishing5 on 09/13/18
Go to ”” for a floss conversion chart. Please read the paragraph above the conversion chart so you know that conversion to DMC floss will not be an exact match therefore the final look of the project colorwise might not be quite identical. :)
by: Bermuda on 09/13/18
Can't seem to locate the conversion chart. Help.
by: fishing5 on 09/13/18
Hi there

For years and years I have been saying google or google then write the word Pinterest/and what U have in mind to find. Have fun
by: miss crossstitc on 09/13/18
Below is a link to the Conversion Chart. It is listed by Name of the Weeks Dye rather than the number so you might want to look that information up and have it handy before you go to the conversion chart. Hope this helps. Good Luck!

by: NancyV on 09/13/18