Changing color tones
I am working off of an alphabet pattern that is using green color tones but I want the letters to be blue and I am not sure what colors to use.
The pattern calls for DMC 319, 367 and 368.
Which blue colors should I use?

Posted by: Elaine003 on 09/13/18
Pick the colors you like that will complement each other and the piece itself. I often change out colors. Remember, there are no Cross Stitch Police out there!
by: mkhanes on 09/13/18
I agree with Mkhanes, choose the blues you love but if you need a little more assistance go to ‘’.
The website has a DMC color chart that might help you to decide. :)
by: Bermuda on 09/13/18
When I'm trying to do this, I pull the greens out of my box and compare them to the blues, choosing blues that are in the same hue family (as in, all reddish blues or all greenish or grayish blues or whatnot) as each other, and then I compare the darkness/lightness with the greens it was originally designed with. I sometimes change my plan a few times, and might change the hue family if I can find a better shade (dark/light) match with it.
by: craftydivakat on 09/13/18
I use my 'DMC Threads Color Card' when I am trying to make changes. Looking at the greens you listed... a combination I would consider, depending on the blue tone you are looking for would be ... 809, 798, 797.
Green / Blue
319 / 797
367 / 798
368 / 809
What do you think?
by: xstitcher522 on 09/13/18