Does ECS carry the glow in the dark DMC thread that is being talked about on the Boo butterfly thread? If so can you tell me what number it is? If not where can I get it? Also I would like to do it on 18 count aids where can I get the dark grey fabric? Sorry for so many questions I have only bought from ECS I have surfed other sites but I have only trusted this one. Thanks so much.
Posted by: Nettie on 09/14/18
Hello Nettie,

The glow in the dark thread is's the DMC Light Effects Glow In the Dark :) As for the 18ct. dark gray fabric, we don't really carry a color close to that on our website in 18ct. I'm sorry!! We carry some gray fabrics in 14ct and 28ct but really nothing in the 18ct.

~Kristi @ ECS
by: Kristi @ ECS on 09/14/18
It might be the DMC Light effects floss. There is a Glow in the dark white E940,that I m currently using, on a different Halloween project. I do have the Boo Butterfly pattern, & I had already decided to use it for that too, plus a yellow one for the Jack o lantern parts.
It is sold here in ECS, just go to their floss section, click on DMC, then go to Light Effects floss & open it.
Have fun stitching it, as I won't be able to even start mine till next year sometime, ( too many projects will have to come first). The pattern was just too cute to pass up though.
Please post pictures

by: nita7 on 09/14/18
Thanks Kristi and Nita! I have never used even weave so I am not sure about that. One more question would 14 count make it to big and loose detail?
by: Nettie on 09/14/18
Nettie, check out Picture This Plus at They are the manufacturers of hand-dyed fabrics of all types and sizes. They have several dark gray fabrics in 18ct, available in 1 yard pieces (36x54 inches), 1/2 yard pieces (27x36 inches), or 1/4 yard pieces (18x27 inches). I buy fabrics from them all the time. They are my go-to for hand-dyed fabrics, and very reputable. Check them out!
by: susiebelle7 on 09/14/18