Boo butterfly part deux
Ok I was peer pressured into putting this in my cart, shame on you 😁 I haven't ordered it yet as I have never worked on evenweave and Aida doesn't carry this color in 18 count so I am stumped on what fabric to use. Aida does have it in 14 count but I feel it would lose its charm on something that big. Any and all suggestions would be helpful for fabric size and count. I am truly stumped and have been looking at different fabrics for over an hour. HELP!!🤐 I am also going to copycat and expand my horizons and use glow in the dark white for the ghost, copycat Bermuda with the spiderweb and try to out line the pumpkins mouth in neon yellow. You people are bad
Posted by: Nettie on 09/14/18
I went on the internet and found the publisher of this pattern to see what he recommended and low and be hold he didn't recommend a color for the fabric but that is ok . I did however find his conversion charts and, thank you lord it is on Aida with a conversion to evenweave. I am doing my happy dance now. Hmmm I just conversed with myself on a post do I need to find the nearest head doctor?
by: Nettie on 09/14/18
Nah, we all do it..... 😊
by: VCESS on 09/14/18
Sounds like several of us will be working on this design. Can't wait to get it.
by: djhmom55 on 09/14/18
Nettie, I noticed that 123stitch has 16ct. Aida by PicturethisPlus called
"Haunted" on sale. I was looking for something else and it caught my eye.
I never have ordered from them so......
by: maryann8121 on 09/14/18
Maryann, I order from 123 all the time. They are very fast in their shipping, usually out in a day or so. So don't have any qualms about ordering from them. I looked at the "Haunted" fabric, also, and may buy that in 28ct. Or go to Picture This Plus's website as I mentioned on the other thread (part 1) and order directly from them. These are both reputable shops and I have no qualms ordering from them.
by: susiebelle7 on 09/14/18
Hello Nettie... Picture This Plus website does have Haunted in 18 count. It is a bit more pricey though and it takes awhile to get it if they don't have it in stock when you order, but the fabric is worth every cent and they have loads of different colors. Just wish ECS carried this vendor.
by: hayjax61 on 09/14/18
I have ordered fabric from 123Stitch over the years and they have a tremendous supply of a variety of quality products. NOTHING AGAINST ECS’s quality fabrics, but if ECS doesn’t carry it, I look for it at 123Stitch. Their prices are reasonable as well.
Nettie- I think you should try an evenweave like 25 Lugana; or a 28-count evenweave fabric which I think is in the Picture This Plus “haunted” fabric; a 28-count Jobelan or Lugana fabric you would stitch ‘over 2’ and finished pattern would be the same size as stitching ‘over 1” on
14-count Aida fabric. I love the evenweaves because the horizontal and vertical fabric strands have the same diameter and your X’s are exactly the same size. Take the leap! But if you feel your not ready, how about something in an 18-count that will give you a finer visual look to the fabric you leave showing.
Of course we are bad influences since we all have the same wonderful, glorious, pie-in-the-sky, fourth-of-July M-60 rocket propulsion addiction to Counted cross stitch! We ‘feed’ that addiction by purchasing floss, charts, needles, fabric, scissors, hoops, magnifiers, -then to add the icing to the addiction, -we talk about cross stitch, pass on ideas, make suggestions for changes of the patterns, floss, beading, discuss life events, pray, ‘frog’, gnash our teeth, experiment, go to ‘the beach’ when we feel the need or desire.....ahhhh the joy of it all! 😃😃😃
PS: done with my “daily rant”..............................i think
by: Bermuda on 09/14/18
Bermuda, since you have mention the hand-dyed fabrics, I have a question. When you rinse your project does the fabric bleed like the hand-dyed threads (this is what I have heard about the threads and did not want to bother with them)? I have never used hand-dyed thread or fabric because of the colorfast issue and do not see myself pre-rinsing all my thread. Does pre-rinsing all the hand-dyed thread make it safe to wash upon completion without further bleeding? Even though I have never used a hand-dyed fabic, I would be less bothered by pre-rinsing a piece of fabric if I knew it would not continue to bleed when I go to rinse my project in the end when my stitching's complete. Just wondering.
by: lbcatlovr001 on 09/15/18
Ibcatlovr, you didn't address your question to me...hope you don't mind my sticking my oar in...😊
I found that it really depends on where/what manufacturer you get the fabric whether it is colorfast, or not...that's my limited experience. I bought hand-dyed Wichelt linen on sale at ECS and the first thing I saw out of the package, "Do Not handwash"....on all 3 pieces...yellow, lime and orange. All 3 are languishing in a drawer. I bought PTP for those projects....they were guaranteed colorfast. That was my first-ever experience with hand dyes...never occurred to me to ask a colorfast ignorance, my inexperience...I DO NOW! It's. A good question, should always be considered! 😄
I love PTP fabrics...they come edged, too! 😊
by: VCESS on 09/15/18
Thanks for jumping in Vcess. I have stitched so many years but will honestly say that my old habits die hard, and I do not step outside the box to try new things for exactly the reason you described. There always seems to be a "thorn", like what you discovered with the 3 fabrics you bought (not being colorfast) and now sit in a drawer. Why do the companies sell/manufacture fabrics and threads that are not colorfast and are quite useless. What are we supposed to do with these fabrics/threads except stuff them in a drawer because we can't rinse them and avoid "mystery stains" popping up later on our hard work, stitched with many invested hours. It does not make sense to me, thus I don't venture outside the box much. It would seem that at this point in time, there would be a way to make all threads and fabrics colorfast, like some, but not all of the manufacturers have managed to do.
by: lbcatlovr001 on 09/15/18