light for doing cross stitching
Hi ,I have not been on the chat for a while. wanted to ask you all what are your opinions on which is the best light to buy for cross stitching. eye sight is bad so need one,a floor lamp ,with good light but not overwhelming and too hot. thanks ladies. Norma King
Posted by: jenorma2 on 10/08/18
I bought a lamp for 79.99 from Amazon. It has LED lights and it magnifies 3x. However, a lot of ladies and gents use different devices and will jump in with what they use. They use really good lights and magnifiers also. Oh, and my light adjusts to different heights and the light will swivel. You can probably go on Amazon to see what I am talking about. Pam Oh, and it has LED LIGHTS so it doesn't get hot.
by: pamelastine11 on 10/08/18
I bought an OttLite from Joann's Fabric for about $75.00 (on sale and with coupon). Regularly $279, right now it's on sale for $140 without coupon. It doesn't get hot and it's great for stitching.

I also have a regular floor reading lamp with a bendable arm with light and put in an LED "Daylight" bulb. (it reduces the heat as well). I found the daylight is better for stitching than the regular incandescent light bulbs. It only cost $20

by: jclifford1 on 10/08/18
I got the simple, plain Ott Floor lamp...lasted 20+ years, but I'm thinking of upgrading to a newer model. It used to be the only manufacturer in town, but there are plenty of new ones with your features. ECS has some new ones, I saw... 😊
by: VCESS on 10/08/18
Hi there

I just had got a new led floor lamp for my living room I order it from Ebay and I had paid just about $40.00 but you can find a cheaper ones at Walgreens and on the internet too. The brand name is Elecwish. Good luck.
by: miss crossstitc on 10/08/18
thanks so much to miss crossstitch, jclifford1 and VCESS for your info. I will look up all the lights you all have told me about. glad to be back. Norma 2
by: jenorma2 on 10/08/18
I use a Mighty Bright floor lamp and/or an Ott-Lite table lamp, both of which are more than a few years old. I don't even know what they are selling for any more. The Ott-Lite travels very well. It folds up and I have a quilted case to carry it in. It will be going to a cross-stitch retreat with me this coming weekend!
by: susiebelle7 on 10/08/18
Ooooh! Where you going? 😊
by: VCESS on 10/08/18
There is a group of us living around Minneapolis/St. Paul (and my former neighbor and I from western Wisconsin) who get together once or twice a year to stitch. We've been doing it for many years. This particular retreat will be at an old convent in a small town in central Minnesota. We also go to a resort in northern Minnesota in the Spring. Neither are fancy places, but we have a good time just gabbing and stitching. 🙂
by: susiebelle7 on 10/08/18
dear susiebelle7,that get together of your sounds so great. wish I could be there. I live in SC. always wanted to have a Christmas in Wisconsin or thereabouts. have fun! Norma2.
by: jenorma2 on 10/08/18
I bought the one in the link, but I stick to 14 count aida.
It was apx 45$
by: tsmith30101 on 10/09/18