I will be saying goodbye for a while. Tired of some of the nastiness that seems to appear every now and again on posts. Don't need it in my life right now. Informed ECS that about it and why I won't be participating in this chat room anymore.
Posted by: ladyj117 on 10/10/18
I'm sorry to see you go. I always enjoy your posts about Hunter, Hazel and Dante's antics. I understand and wish you only the best.
by: Le-Anne on 10/10/18
I will miss you LadyJ but understand why. I also appreciate knowing you are signing off for a while as I would really worry about you. I know life is not easy right now but you WILL get through it! Hope to see you back someday. Nancy
by: NancyV on 10/10/18
I understand, and wish you only the best.
by: Jaj on 10/10/18
Ladyj, I truly do wish you well but I do understand. You have enough on your plate right now. I won't take you off my prayer list. I never use the term "goodbye or good night". We say "see you later". Take care of yourself. Pam ladyj, I hope you will reconsider. You will be sorely missed by many. I love when you post your doggies. Anyhow, the loss is ours when you don't post and you have many friends in your stitching sisters. Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 10/10/18
Ladyj, I understand how it feels to be overwhelmed, distraught, frustrated and just over all upset and feeling the need to take time away. I truly hope you come back to chat with us once everything gets straightened out as I will miss your posts and pictures of the fur babies. Take care and know we are thinking of you and are here for you.
by: Nettie on 10/10/18
Wow, I must have missed something. Take care of yourself. Love seeing pictures of your doggies.
by: surt8511 on 10/10/18
Sorry to hear that ladyj117. I completely understand. I took time away because someone was annoying me pretty badly in here. AND NO IT WAS NOT VCESS! Take care. I too will miss the dog stories.
by: noah on 10/10/18
I too will miss you and your pictures of your lovely animals and hearing about their antics. Keep safe and lots of love from down here.
by: deirdre on 10/10/18
I'm so sorry to hear that ladyj, you were one of the first people on here to answer one of my posts way back when and I'll never forget your friendliness.

I always seem to miss the drama, I only ever see the aftermath, but I'm sorry you've had to deal with it. I think it happens more often online than face to face because it's easier when you don't have to look someone in the eye and consider them a "real" human.
by: craftydivakat on 10/10/18
Like all others who posted, I will truly miss you and your wonderful doggie posts. I seem to have missed something once again, but can understand when frustrated. If you are not deriving pleasure from something, time to back away. Please reconsider about coming back sometime. Happy stitching and have a great life. Janet
by: jmirz on 10/10/18