Boo Butterfly
Okay Done did it Boo Butterfly ,Mystery box ordered Used the Oct coupon HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me Knew I was not going to get to new Halloween till next year as I am working on a Mystic Stitch pattern I may take a break from crossstitching for awhile at least a week ha ha Been at this on almost a year Only 2 pages to finish 16 in all to do Will be very happy when done Cheers
Posted by: jkfooks on 10/10/18
What Mystic Stitch pattern are you working on?
by: tlmcdaniel on 10/10/18
My birthday too. Set the alarm on my phone so I could order the Mystery Box while at work. I also ordered a few other items. Can't wait til it comes. Very excited.
by: djhmom55 on 10/10/18
I am working on Lantern Wreath by Maxine Gold It is a Halloween wreath on a barnboard background Soooo much fun to
do Have had it for 5 years and everytime fall rolls around I wish I had it done so last fall I decided to bite the bullet and get it done not expecting to have it done in a year but I am so close Like a good book you cant put down
by: jkfooks on 10/10/18
by: VCESS on 10/10/18