Boo Butterfly and I are going to have a coming to stitching meeting!😲 I understand I bought a different colored fabric then stated, it came and I thought, i can work with that, it is more sage green but with grey undertones. Halloween has some green in it so I was thinking witches brew backing that will look nice, plus the fabric was 16 count which the designer stated was the same as 32 count. I had some frogging issues which I worked out. I ordered everything recommended and started stitching. The directions don't state how many strands to use for stitching the cross stitch part so I used the standard 2. Now the fabric is showing through the stitches gaahhh! We now have a hate love relationship, to many stitches to frog and not enough money to buy a different fabric. I really wanted this done buy Halloween.
Posted by: Nettie on 10/10/18
Nettie, are you saying you don't like the fabric you bought? Then do not use it for the Boo...wait till you find a fabric you like! Nothing spoils a project like stitching against yourself... Been ain't NO fun! 😃
by: VCESS on 10/10/18
I bought 14 count Aida in a color called Tarnished, although I haven't started Boo Butterfly, I think it will look great. It is different shades of gray. Ordered it from 123 Stitch, as ECS didn't have it.
by: jaba on 10/11/18
How does it look if you add another 2 strands? If it is just floss, that's what I would do, but I am infamous as a former felon, often arrested for "crimes against the fabric". The Cross Stitch Police are always on my prodigerus tail! I was stitching a design for a neighbor's child and it really looked OK to a non-stitcher's eye (his mama didn't sew at all). His family didn't celebrate Christmas, Easter or Birthdays, among other holidays. Lots of problems for the kids, until mom left and took them with her. Saw the kids 20 years later and he told me that the best thing he remembered from his childhood was that small cross stitch he received. I was so happy that he loved it!

I have fabric, mostly of it 16 count because I can see it. Is there a color you want. Orange? Green, or that bright neon green?
I am not able to send floss. Write me at
by: Su Pitt on 10/11/18
Vcess, I love the color of the fabric and it feels very much like Halloween to me this pattern is just giving me one fit after another, or maybe I am giving myself Who knows maybe I should put it in time out until it decides to behave. :)

Su Pitt, I thought about adding another strand of floss but I think with the fabric being 16 count it might look to bulky. The show through I am seeing is more in the black then in the other colors. I remember some people stating DMC black doesn't cover as well as it used to and I think that may be the problem here as well. The only thing I have done in black so far are the cats so I may give 3 threads a try when I do a different object in black, I hope it won't look weird. I think I am just going to keep plugging on with it, as is, since I am doing it for myself anyway. I just needed another I think it is going into time out today until this evening, maybe, it keeps calling my
by: Nettie on 10/11/18
Nettie I am so sorry for your troubles. I had this one on tap to buy but after hearing your problems I think I will pass.
by: carissalindsey30 on 10/11/18
Carissa, don't take it off your list just because I am having problems with it, that would make me feel terrible. Several people have done it and are not having any problems with it and are really enjoying it. In my case it is more than likely the stitcher causing the problems and not the
by: Nettie on 10/11/18
I’m doing Boo on 16 count with 2 strands. I haven’t noticed a huge problem with the fabric showing through, little bits here and there, but I figure once it done and pressed it will be fine.
by: Jaj on 10/11/18