October Everything Cross Stitch “Stitchin’ Stuff” box
I was just wondering if this is a "Thankful for You' Box why does it cost $20 and then an additional $5 for shipping to get it? It does not seem much as a thank you for being a customer if you have to pay for this.
Posted by: kritter555 on 10/10/18
I imagine that if you had to buy each of these items individually they would cost a lot more than 19.95. I think it is great that ECS takes the time to put together these fun surprise packages.
You don't have to buy it you know.
Surprises are fun.
by: transhop on 10/10/18
I am a grateful stitcher and a customer of ECS. I so wanted to buy the October. I don't see it as some stupid trick to make customers buy it. I really wanted to feel part of the group and to let ECS know that I might be exceptionally grateful that ECS not only "hosts" a good chat group for us, which I know is not free for ECS, and probably costs them quite a bit (not a computer pun) to do. The DH who used to do lots of hardware and software repairs says about $1500 for just having the chat group on ECS's website. I want to tell Kristie especially that I love these because I value the chat group AND ECS!

I have been very ill for a long time. I have a bank account separate bank account that was recently rearranged by DH, the computer guy, the chemist, the horticulturist, the rock guy, electronics fella, and my sweetheart who always answers questions from chatters. I, for one, like the personal service...I know no other names than Kristie and Troy at ECS. I know very few names of folks that work where I shop, but ECS is right there, any time I need help. Buying the box does not and should not make you very special, then you do not understand why ECS does this. If they have one left over on October 24th, I WILL be much happier. I like the time taken to get a box created. That is the best gift of all.
Kristie, I don't know if there will be one left for my payday October 24th, but I love you anyway. You are so very tolerant of strangers and very creative. Please see this as a big bouquet of flowers, not a begging for anything. THANKS!
by: Su Pitt on 10/10/18
I hope you will understand that a lot of us look forward to this event. We enjoy the anticipation of the release of the box and we wonder what will be in that box. I enjoy being part of this group of stitchers and the idea that some of us will be working on the same project sort of like a sewing bee. For some of us, for whatever reason, don't get out a lot yet we can talk to stitchers across the US, Canada, Spain, etc. ECS could just fill orders and let it go at that. Instead they choose to make this a special event and it keeps us connected to one another. I hope you change your mind and join us. The box last time had a glass pickle to use with mill beads, a pattern along with full skeins for stitching, material for us to stitch the pattern on, cool scissors that look like a pen til you open them, a sample of a special wash for fabric and I am sure I am leaving something out. But, as you can see, there was such a variety and it was fun opening up and you could tell that they really cared about what they sent. I hope you try it once. Pam I forgot. We received one coupon for discount on Sue Hillis designs and a free shipping coupon for the month of August. I more than got my money's worth.
by: pamelastine11 on 10/10/18
I think the theme is based on the season we are coming into. The variety of things in the box is well worth the price. Besides, a lot of companies do something similar for more money and you do not know what you are getting. I like the fact that ECS gives us a chance to see what is in the box, so that we can decide if we want to buy it or not.
by: jaba on 10/11/18
I couldn't have said it better than the rest of you. Ditto to everything. I love the idea of the mystery box.
by: clpatt123 on 10/11/18
Hi there kritter555,

Thanks for your post :) The "Thankful for You" is just the theme of the box for this go round. We do a different theme for each box. Fall is a season of being thankful and we thought doing some type of fall box that emulated that sentiment was a neat idea. We know not not everyone is going to love it or get it and that's okay :) These quarterly boxes do retail for $19.99 but there's around $25-$30 of actual product and merchandise inside of the box (it changes with each box based on the theme) not to mention exclusive designs and exclusive coupons that you can only get by getting the box. And since it's not a subscription type of thing, people can choose whether or not they want to get the box and we like leaving that decision up to our customers :) We always appreciate hearing any feedback so thank you again for your post. I just wanted to clarify some of the information about the box.

~Kristi @ ECS
by: Kristi @ ECS on 10/11/18