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Posted by: Marydenmark on 10/11/18
Very funny, my younger daughter and I were just trying to explain why we need to learn to read and basic math to her 7 year old son. He seems to think it is a waste of time. Algebra and geometry I haven't used that much, but everyone needs to know basic math. It bothers me that people don't know how to make change any more. My grandson is reading on a nightly basis to his mom, and has decided it isn't so bad. He talks math without even realizing it. He will figure it out eventually. His mom and I just look at each other and smile when he reads a sign or figures a small problem out with math.
by: djhmom55 on 10/11/18
Hahahahahaha! Love the sign!
by: adcoresky on 10/11/18
Love it! That's what I thought while I was in high school but trudged through like everyone else!
by: pamelastine11 on 10/11/18
by: VCESS on 10/11/18
Love it, Mary! Actually, when I was in school, algebra was pretty easy for me. It was plain old math that I couldn't figure out. Still can't. I don't know what that says about me.
by: susiebelle7 on 10/11/18
I loved algebra, both first and second, years and the NEW geometry...Old style geometry was required and the problematic booger in my nose! 😕
by: VCESS on 10/11/18
My math skills declined as I advanced thru the math, so I quit with geometry - still beats me up! My college math was a joke (The era of smoking "funny stuff" and drinking "koolade" was more enjoyed by the profs than students) so I got by with the minimum math requirement😉
Funny tho, I can figure out whatever I need to cook, sew and craft!
by: marshalr on 10/11/18
My college math professor told me never take a math class unless you are sure you are going to use it. Years later, I thought about his advice when a different college said that I needed a science class to show that I could get through the program that I wanted to enter. So, I had a college advisor look to see what I could do. I had taken every chemistry and every physics class available, including nuclear physics, during which I built a linear accelerator. He asked why no college level math. I told him what my friend in math said and asked him if I took algebra, would that qualified me for the program. He said yes, so I did it, although a nursing student in the algebra class begged to know what a decimal point meant. The math professor thought I explained it well. He let me take every quiz or exam in his office and I got an "A"!!! The only thing I used it for was setting up an intravenous line. Figuring out the right drip rate was easy using algebra. Now, a pump does all the work. Algebra lets me use it to enlarge recipes.
by: Su Pitt on 10/12/18
I minored in math in college. Always loved Algebra, but like VCESS did not like geometry. My problem with that is mentally I would always jump the first few proof steps, then get to the heart of the problem and be fine. When I showed problems in class and the professor asked how I got to certain points (after skipping a couple of steps), I said "that is where I applied Finagle's Law". Funny, but he wasn't overly amused by that!
by: jmirz on 10/12/18