What is gridding?
I just read Easy Count Guideline. I don't know what you ladies are talking about. I've never heard about it.
Posted by: bjukniewicz on 10/11/18
Hi, I grid. Gridding is where you prepare your fabric using non-splitting thread to make your fabric look like your pattern base. On my aida cloth, I count out every 10 boxes both top to bottom and left to right ( I am basically making a grid on the cloth) This allows me to 'match' the gridded box to the pattern I am using. For me, it cuts down on the ripping of wrong stitch placement. The reason for the non-splitting thread is so that when I am finished with my project, I pull out the gridding threads easier (my needle work has not attached or stitched through the gridding thread. It takes time, but it has helped me.
I hope that makes sense.
by: xstitcher522 on 10/11/18
Easy count guideline is a red fishing-line-type product used to form 10x10 squares on your fabric...same squares that are on your pattern...think graph paper. 😊 You can find out more on the Easy Count Guideline website, rseasycount.com
by: VCESS on 10/11/18
The easy count is similar to nylon fishing line. You can't split it, but use it as you get it, to make the explained grid.

Incidentally, this year gave us fabric (aida only) that is pre-gridded with grey or red threard that disappears when wased after you have finishec. It saves you prep time. woven into the fabric. The gray lined is made by Zweigart and the red by DMC. I am trying it on one design I have been ignoring. My longest and bestest friend (we battled our way through nursing school years) asked me to do it for her daughter with a first baby. I wanted to get it to her before Christmas, but disliking the pattern makes me stitch a tiny bit and go back to other projects. The poor dear boy was one month old on October 4th. I hope that I can kick myself and shudder while I stitch. It would be so tacky to gift it to his mama at his college graduation! It is on the pre-gridded white fabric 16 count.
by: Su Pitt on 10/12/18
So far all the gridders have been talking Easy Count Guideline, but that is not my preference. I like the washable ink markers that they sell here at ECS. For me, they are much easier to use and much faster, as I don't have to pull out the line and restart. I admit that I have poor hand/eye coordination, so the pencil type markers work much better for me. (When I finish a project I am always pleasantly surprised that it came out well.) Karen
by: luvtoxstitch on 10/12/18
Su, Zweigart features a 28count pre-printed/gridded evenweave...don't know if ECS sells it, got mine on sale at 123stitch.com. 😊
by: VCESS on 10/12/18
VCESS, dear one,
I figure that lots of companies will jump on the wagon of pre-gridded fabric. I supposed that this will be the next big thing in cross stitch. Whatever count they use, it is no help for me, as I cannot see to stitch anything smaller than 16 count, but...
recently, They are all producing and selling it. Perhaps some inventor in the future will figure out how to achieve success with pre-gridded hand-dyed fabric. I hope that we veterans of counted cross can see it. They would have to dye first, then stitch the design by hand. I do not see an alternate. You just cannot get it wet if the pre-gridded fabric is used because the pattern will disappear.
by: Su Pitt on 10/13/18