Friday dinner plans
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Posted by: 113kevans on 10/12/18
Lmao now that is funny right there, aka Larry the Cable guy.🤣 Fortunately we don't have them in these here parts, thank the lord or I am sure we would have another hunting
by: Nettie on 10/12/18
Happy to share the recipe Nettie. I don’t tend to think of people not having ‘possums because I am so used to them. While I think they are very strange and homely critters they are great pest killers.
by: 113kevans on 10/12/18
Ummm thanks but I think I will have to We have other critters to kill pests, most of them large, but we do get the smaller to medium sized ones, shrews, pine martins, beaver, bobcat, genies.
by: Nettie on 10/12/18
I'll bite...genies? 😯
by: VCESS on 10/12/18
It is supposed to have read guineas, stupid autocorrect. 🤐They are birds that eat insects.
by: Nettie on 10/12/18
LOL!!! I consider auto-correct the unnecessary evil hoisted upon us by phone if brain cancer isn't enough! 😬
by: VCESS on 10/12/18
Get out the pot passers and I fix a mess of greens
by: lhogan57 on 10/12/18
people up the road from us has guineas and they let them roam free. you have to watch for them they like to sit in road. no one ever said they were
by: susieq on 10/12/18
That is too funny. Unfortunately they are omnivorous and when they appear (I have deck kitties-their mom brought them to us and then left-hence I have 4 purely black kittens) I go out and pull the food up. However, they don't look too edible but if I was actually starving...……..? Love the comment and going to share with DH. Thanks. Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 10/12/18
Going to share this with retired teachers. Had a kindergarten student once, the class was talking about Ground Hog Day- he remaked they tasted good. Kids say the darndest things.
by: xstitcher522 on 10/13/18