Christmas Stockings
Does anyone know where to get a backing for the Christmas stocking patterns?
Posted by: havibook on 10/12/18
What kind of lining? Muslin? Quilting fabric? Can we have a hint? ☺
by: VCESS on 10/12/18
I usually buy flannel in a Christmas theme to back mine, from Hobby Lobby, Walmart etc.
by: jaba on 10/12/18
Years ago I did a stocking for my granddaughter. It was a Dimensions Gold Collection kit. I still have the bag that the kit was in. The blue flannel that came with the kit is still unused. I had directions for lining a stocking. I don't know what I used for backing but I do remember lining it with Satin. I lined it because how do you finish the top edge of the stocking front? I don't know where the directions for lining are. In one of my cross stitch magazines. I have them all for the last 25 years. There might be directions on Google. after I post this reply I'm going to see. But my stocking making days are over, unless my granddaughter has a child before i die.
by: bjukniewicz on 10/12/18
There are some directions on line. I lined four stockings four my grandchildren. I've been thinking how to line a stocking and remember how to do it without searching and searching through numerous magazines. I do think the directions were in a Just Cross Stitch magazine. I'm also thinking of writing a letter to the editor and asking if the magazine will have directions in next years Christmas issue.
by: bjukniewicz on 10/12/18
I just finished 2 stockings and lined them. Let me get my thoughts together and I will post how I did this tomorrow. Mary
by: marym on 10/12/18
Have you thought about using velvet.?
by: Cory on 10/13/18
Here's how I assembled the stockings...
- cut out stocking front, 2 pieces of lining fabric (I used white broadcloth) and backing of your choice (I used a Christmas themed broadcloth, but you can use anything you want)
- with RIGHT sides together, sew stocking front to back -leave top open
- with RIGHT sides together sew lining pieces together leaving a 3 inch opening in the long side- leave top open
- clip curves, trim seams on both stocking and lining
- keep stocking inside out so the right side in on the inside
- turn lining so right side is on outside
- insert lining into stocking- right sides together matching seams and stitch around top
- pull lining back out
- insert your hand through the opening you left in the long side of the lining and pull the stocking through
- slip stitch opening in lining fabric closed
- push lining back into stocking
To make the stocking hanger, I used some single fold bias tape, stitched it shut and placed it where I wanted it before I stitched around the top

I have more that I am making from kits and will be using this same process. The felt and yarn that are included for finishing will go into the craft box I keep for the grandkids.

Hope this helps! :) Mary
by: marym on 10/13/18
It helped me, MaryM! Good job! 😊
by: VCESS on 10/13/18
Thanks so much everybody for your help!
by: havibook on 10/15/18