Did I miss something?
Where are Vcess and Bermuda???? I haven't seen either one of them post in a while. Bermuda I haven't seen post since the hurricanes and I am concerned that something happened. I am also wondering the same about Vcess. Has anybody heard or seen anything from them?
Posted by: Nettie on 11/07/18
I was wondering that same thing, Nettie.
by: susiebelle7 on 11/07/18
Here too.
by: Jaj on 11/07/18
It seems to me that VCESS whirls in like a tornado, drops in her delicious opinions and knowledgable suggestions on all that is currently posted, then takes a breather until the next wave of postings comes in 😃 Have missed her too so hope I got this right!
by: murillome on 11/07/18
I was looking for them too. Whenever I need advice, I know that these two ladies jumps right in and have good sound advise.

WHERE ARE YOU TWO LADIES - VCESS & BERMUDA??????? Come back, come baaaack!!!! Whaaaaa

Let's keep this on the first page until they return.
by: jclifford1 on 11/08/18