Measure twice - Cut once! I didn't! HELP
Ok, I guess you can consider me a "Seasoned Stitcher", well I really made a big boo-boo! I usually order fabric larger than my project size (way bigger) and start from the center of my fabric. This time, I decided to cut the fabric to size of project with 5" on all sides for framing. Ok, so far, so good! Well, then I decided instead of starting in the center, I decided I will start at the top left (my hoop is rectangular instead of round). I'm stitching away, happy as can be, talking to DH, watching tv. Now I am at the bottom and have 42 rows left. I take off my hoop to move it down and realized I won't have enough to frame after the 42 rows of stitching that is left!!! Not only that, but I started too far left and have a lot of fabric on the right side and about 1 1/2 on the left side. Crap!

So ladies, what now? I will have about 1/2 inch at the bottom after the stitching is done? Think I can machine sew a piece at the bottom and pray that the frame will cover it? It's a beautiful piece on 14ct. White Aida with Blue Dots Petit Point, with beads and two hearts! I do have more of this fabric leftover from where I cut it.
Posted by: jclifford1 on 11/08/18
That is what I would do and if the frame doesn't cover it I would think about putting a mat down to cover it. That is the only solution I could think of which you already
by: Nettie on 11/08/18
I agree with Nettie, if you use a mat when you frame it you will be fine.
by: Le-Anne on 11/08/18
Thank you ladies. I will try that. I love this piece, it's so cute.
by: jclifford1 on 11/08/18
If you find that it won't finish nicely with a mat - you could always finish it as a banner. You could seam the sides with or without a band of fabric for contrast around the edge (much like quilts are finished) and create a rod pocket at the top of the piece to hang like a bell pull would. I've seen some beautiful pieces finished this way, some on this forum, in the past, and the shape of this piece might lend itself to such.

That said, I agree that it's very likely a mat will cover the issue :) Good luck!
by: craftydivakat on 11/08/18
Thank you craftydivakat: That's a great idea! That will be my second choice. I will check to see if a mat will solve the problem, then I can take your advice.
by: jclifford1 on 11/08/18