They were so tiny
Here is a pic from last year when Hazel and hunter were sharing a crate! Now
They are too big to fit into their own crate!
Posted by: ladyj117 on 11/08/18
They grow so fast!
by: Jaj on 11/08/18
So cute!
by: djhmom55 on 11/08/18
And it seems only yesterday we going gaga over how cute they were (and still are).
by: deirdre on 11/08/18
I was in the hospital last year when at 2 in the morning I decided to finally put a comment on this site. It was the night that the terrible shooting in Las Vegas happened (that's why I remember). I enjoyed reading about the kids and seeing their pictures. They are still as gorgeous as they were then. They get larger but they are and will remain in heart-puppies always.
by: pamelastine11 on 11/09/18