Does anybody
else just look around the ECS website at patterns for fun? Or is it just me being my weird little cross stitch obsessed self? I have to many to count but for some reason I love looking.👀
Posted by: Nettie on 11/09/18
Nettie, I also love to look at the patterns. Don't know why I love to look but I always find something to add to my wish list. I also have toooooo many but I keep looking-it's fun.
by: maubennett on 11/09/18
Of course I look. Always check to see if new items have been posted. Same thing I did when we had a cross stitch shop.😄 Except now the husband doesn’t complain about how long I am here. He would get frustrated if we were out runnng errands and I would ask him to stop at the shop because I needed a skein of floss because he knew it wasn’t that easy. Just getting back for all the time I spent in Home Depoot/Lowe’s while he looked at tools, lumber and nails. Yawn!
by: 113kevans on 11/09/18
Also guilty of looking at patterns just for fun. You just never know what you may come across....maybe something that you "need"! Mary
by: marym on 11/09/18
I am like you and say I am just going to look and then end up buying more patterns. Will have to live to 120 years old to finish them all.
by: syagel on 11/09/18
I do also. You just never know what you might find.....
by: deborahmoody7 on 11/09/18
I also check out the patterns, just to see what I may have missed. I just add them to my wish list, then they eventually get moved to my cart. I think I would have to live to be 300 to get everything done, but that wouldn't work either, because I just keep buying more. I have no self control.
by: djhmom55 on 11/09/18
Not a thing wrong with "window" shopping! Like everyone else, I love looking and usually find a "few" to add to my wish list or cart!!
by: jmirz on 11/09/18
I do it all the time!!!
by: Kim Levin on 11/09/18
Absolutely not. I love looking on this site. I have a huge stash, but I still love to look at all the new stuff. It is a hobby of mine, that I will continue to do until I can no longer see to stitch or old arthritis keeps me from stitching, but I will still be looking at all the new stuff.
by: Grammyof2 on 11/09/18
If U want free pattern just go on google then add this line Pinterest/ what U have in mind as a word or idea. Good luck
by: miss crossstitc on 11/09/18