Baby afghan question
Hi all, I just found out I am pregnant so thought it would be a good time to start on the winnie the pooh afghan kit I have had in my stash for probably 12 years lol. I have never done one before and I was looking for advice on how to go about stitching it. The fabric is so soft does it do ok in a q-snap frame? Scroll frame? or is it better to do it with no frame? It is a larger picture in the centre of the blanket. I found an image of it online here

Thanks in advance for any advice!
Posted by: Sarandipity on 11/29/18
Congratulations! How exciting. I have only done 1 and I just rolled the edges up width wise and length wise. I am working on one right now called "Grandmother" for my son. It is a Native American grandmother in the center and I am doing the same thing with it. Then, I will choose other designs for the four corners. I am so happy for you! Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 11/29/18
I have done five baby afghans, & have just rolled the edges up & clipped them out of the way. Have never used a frame, or hoop with any of them, as I was ways afraid of damaging the afghan. Just free-handed them.
PS. You can go to a dollar store & buy either hair clips, or bag clips, & they work great for this.
by: nita7 on 11/30/18
Congratulations! That afghan will be a wonderful keepsake for you and baby!
by: adcoresky on 11/30/18
CONGRATULATIONS! How long do you have to get your Pooh afghan finished?
by: lhogan57 on 11/30/18
Congratulations! I've done the same afghan and used a hoop. I just made sure to not stretch it too much and didn't leave the work in the hoop when I was finished working on it. I rolled the sides and bottom to make it easier to work.
by: mariecjh1 on 11/30/18
Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I will give it another try this weekend. I am only 6 weeks in so i have a few months to get it done.
by: Sarandipity on 12/04/18
Have you started on your afghan yet? If you have, have you decided how you are going to stabilize it? Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 12/05/18