How do you actually make ornaments from this sort of pattern?
I've never made cross stitch ornaments before, so I'm at a bit of a loss.

The pattern booklet just shows a basic how to stitch but doesn't include any advice on how to turn the finished work into an ornament.

I'm assuming it's not that hard, something simple like stitching felt on the back should work, but since I've never attempted such a project, I thought I'd better ask.

Any advice for a newbie?
Posted by: a_lockwoo on 12/05/18
The felt idea could work. Could also put them into a small round frame (not sure if these are correct size, but as an idea), then maybe use ribbon to make a hanger.
by: MarzHere on 12/05/18
They are very cute, aren't they! I like the idea of a felt background -- or even pick up a fat quarter or two of holiday material in different colors. I would buy some foam board for crafts, which you can easily purchase at Amazon, Michaels, Walmart, etc. Make sure it is acid free, I'd say. Then when you are finished with your xstitch piece, if you have a sewing machine available perhaps do a decorative edge stitch border around the perimeter with a matching thread--red, green, gold, or whatever--that would match either the piece or the backing. I would use some sturdy sort of fabric glue to then affix the ornament to the foam board (you'll have previously used an Exacto knife to cut a piece of the foam board to size) and allow to dry. Cut a piece of your backing fabric or felt fabric to match the size of the foam board and stitch a looped ribbon to the top of that circle and again sew an edge for the backing fabric. Then, finally, use fabric glue or another form of glue to apply the backing -- not much probably -- and use a strigil of some sort -- maybe a spatula? -- to work the wrinkles out from the center to the edges. Would that work do you think?
by: tmo7159 on 12/05/18
Search cross stitch ornament finishing on YouTube. There are lots of ideas and some great tutorials.
by: karen.suggs on 12/05/18
I've done hundreds of cross-stitch ornaments -- at one time I was doing 21 a year for family and friends and I've been doing it since the '80s so I've finished lots of them. By far the easiest way to finish them off is with a felt background. I don't mess with the foam core or other backing but you can certainly do it that way.

I usually just cut out around the ornament very carefully. Since these are all round, I assume there is a pattern somewhere to give you the size that you need. Be very careful of the kind of marking pen that you use to draw the pattern -- would not use a felt pen or ink pen - pencil would be best. Before they are cut out run a bead of Fray Check along the line. That will help to stop them from fraying out. (You can buy Fray Check at Joanns or wherever.) Cut a circle of felt about a quarter of an inch larger than the stitched circle. If you use pinking shears you can get a nice zig-zag edge. Cut a loop of ribbon 2-3" long and fold it in half and glue it to the top of the ornament. Then glue the ornament to the felt backing. And you're done--quick and easy. There are many other ways to finish them - I believe someone provided a You-Tube tutorial which would give you some other ideas.
by: quilterangel123 on 12/05/18
I am a "me too" person today. I have used every way that each stitcher has used. They really do turn out well and are so much fun! Have a good time. Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 12/05/18
Thanks for the advice and encouragement, everyone!

Off to explore the possibilities!
by: a_lockwoo on 12/05/18
By the way, if you use felt for backing, there is felt that is already "sticky". You just peel and press. That is the kind I use. Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 12/05/18
You can also make them on plastic canvas - no need to finish off the edge, then back them with sticky felt. I did a dozen bookmarks over the summer on 14 count plastic canvas, and they were very well received by the recipients! BTW - the 14 count plastic canvas nubs can be filed off with one of the professional grade emery boards that are used to file acrylics nails in manicure salons!
by: mkhanes on 12/05/18
I have made these. I purchased the kit, which was a Janlynn kit, and the instructions come with a circle patterns to cut out a backing to wrap the excess fabric around. I was never able to make a perfect circle with the wrapping but they are all on my tree so it worked out fine. I used ribbon or cording as the hangers. Then I glued felt on the back for a cover. I attached a picture so you can see how a couple of them turned out.
by: tspitz on 12/05/18
I've made a lot of cross stitch ornaments over the years!

If on perforated paper or plastic canvas, I just cut them out, then back with either felt or pretty fabric or scrapbook paper glued together with acid free fabric glue.

If on fabric, I have cut them out, cut out a shape in cardboard (use a PH pen from the scrapbook section of the craft store to make sure it's acid free!) and sort of "wrapped" them around the cardboard, gluing in place, then backing as above. Sometimes I added a bit of lace or other trim around the edge.

You can also sew them like a pillow with a fabric backing and stuff them with polyfil for a more 3D effect.

I usually add a loop of ribbon or cording for a hanger as well. If gluing on a baking, I just make the loop and glue it into place before adding the backing. If making a pillow, I sew it on the spot I turned the pillow, which hides the turning stitches as well.
by: craftydivakat on 12/05/18