Ultimate Cross Stitch Wildlife vol 5
I am looking for a few of the original issues of the Ultimate Cross Stitch Magazine Vol 1 Samplers, vol 2 Sentiments, vol 3 Cards, vol 5 Wildlife (this issue especially) and vol 7 Christmas. The books were printed for the craft stores and are out of print. They are proving very hard to find. If anyone has these I am willing to purchase them or make some kind of exchange. If you know where I can find them any information will greatly be appreciated.
Posted by: Anita001 on 12/05/18
I didn't find that particular one but I did find some of them on the barnes and noble website for 8.99 and e-bay also has them but their prices range. Hope this helps.
by: Nettie on 12/05/18
I will have a look in my stash of magazines to see if I have it as I can remember buying several of this magazine a while ago.
by: deirdre on 12/05/18
I would appreciate any assistance you can provide!
by: Anita001 on 12/05/18
I say again, go to the facebook group ISO cross stitch patterns and all things related. It is a group of dedicated women, who at no cost to you, will practically search every corner of the earth to find old, or even new but not easily available.
They found two patterns for me. I cried when I received one and nearly fainted when another one showed up.
by: Su Pitt on 12/06/18
Thank you. I will give that a try
by: Anita001 on 12/06/18
Hello lovelies
I wanted to give you an update. I found the book Ultimate Cross Stitch Wildlife Volume 5 on ISO cross stitch (thank you Su) but I still would like to find Volume 2. I feel they have either been thrown away or the ladies that have them plan on hanging on to them. If ya’ll would help me look for this magazine I would greatly appreciate it!
by: Anita001 on 01/10/19
I would suggest looking at thrift stores near you. I found a magazine at such a store in which it showed a rose was cross stitched on a dining table place mat. I used that same pattern to stitch on a kitchen towel, top and bottom border. It turned out really nice.
Just a stitcher who saw your post. Diana
by: djrb7213 on 01/10/19