Has anyone taken all four of these cross eyed cricket charts and made a alphabet sampler of them all on one piece of material? Would be interested in sizing . Also as names?
Posted by: Donna Michael Zamonski on 12/05/18
That is a charming design.As far as a sampler, it gives the stitch count for all four done on one length of fabric and it comes out to 11.13"w x 25.06" long. You can play with the fabric and size. Happy stitching! Karen
by: luvtoxstitch on 12/05/18
Doing the entire alphabet on one piece of fabric would be nice. The size would depend on if you want the letters to be all on one line or on two or three lines. I think stitching names would be lovely. Obviously, you would need to do some math to figure out the size of fabric you need. Count the number of stitches in each letter; add for extra spaces between letters; triple check your math; add for three inches wiggle room in each direction (that is six inches more than the finished stitched area), Check your math again. START STITCHING
by: NANCYE G on 12/06/18