Favourite Ornaments
When it comes to the ornaments on your holiday tree, what's your favourite one (or more!) Are they ones you stitched? Ones handed down in your family? I have favourites of both types on my tree :) I try to stitch a new ornament every year, but the one I added in this post is one that my Grandpa got with the 78 record of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer when the song premiered. It's the very first Rudolph!
Posted by: craftydivakat on 12/05/18
Holy Cow! That's the reindeer that was handed down to my husband when we married. Every year it has to be put on the tree. I never knew this about the ornament. Thanks, Craftydivakat!
by: maubennett on 12/06/18
My tree is made up about 90% ornaments that I have made over the years or that my kids made in school. I also have lots of ornaments from when DH and I traveled and I would always try to buy an ornament with the name listed on it.
by: syagel on 12/06/18
Too many to choose from! This is my favorite tree...my mother decided to start collecting miniature lightship baskets somewhere around her 80th birthday. Every year when we went to Nantucket, we searched high and low, and bought what ever we could find. We saved them for Christmas, and birthday gifts. It was a labor of love.
by: Jaj on 12/06/18
maubennet that's so cool!! Yes, in 1949 when the song came out, a limited number of the ornaments (500 I think?) were given away to the first people who bought the record :D So awesome that you have one too!

Jaj - I love the basket tree, it's so unique and such a great reminder of the time you shared :)

Syagel I do that with magnets, haha. The side of my fridge is getting completely covered as we've travelled more!
by: craftydivakat on 12/06/18
The ones that our son made when he was young.
by: mdstudey on 12/06/18
Jaj, love your tree and the baskets. Where did your find the tree? I would like to have one. I think I would put little hand prints (grandkids are 3 almost 2 and 6 months). Thinking there will someday be more. I also have the little booties my grandmother made for me. I think the tree would highlight these little treasures.
by: xstitcher522 on 12/06/18
I have no idea where the tree came from, my mother traveled a lot, and always came home with a car full of things she bought. (She had an antique/gift shop, she didn’t keep everything!)
I do know it’s called a feather tree, and it’s about 18 inches high. Oh, and it’s not actually made out of feathers!
by: Jaj on 12/06/18