Hunter in the Doghouse
Hunter must have jumped up and shaken ornaments off the tree and the ones that came down he decided to chew on. All can be replaced or fixed but he can't be left alone for a minute. Also he and Hazel get to the fake poinsettias in the window. They are constantly in my bay window. I can't keep plants there or anything. They love to eat plants. I don't have anything poisonous in there but can't decorate the window for the holidays because I am afraid they will break or wreck something! UGH wish elf on the shelf worked for puppies!
Posted by: ladyj117 on 12/06/18
When they are so young, they are like 2 year olds. Hazel probably told him "I better not get blamed for this!" My black cat is attracted to tinsel, fake flowers, just anything she can chew on. The first time it was tinsel and it cost me almost $500.00. So, no tinsel. Evidently, there was one piece of tinsel left last year (red) which she did vomit up. So no vet trip. I expect my German Shepherd to ride roughshod over the cats but she just watches them and shares her bed with the main instigator (Barty). It is a pain because I can't have fake poinsettas either much less any live plant in the world.
by: pamelastine11 on 12/06/18
Love reading about all of your 4 footed family members! So glad I don't have that problem. Even when we had a dog, she never bothered anything. Although we did have a giant stocking with her goodies in it (originally it was Dad's but he lost it to the doggie) and she knew her stuff was in it and would sit and look at it waiting to be allowed to get at all of the stuff!
by: jmirz on 12/06/18
Years ago when my feline friends (all 18 of them) were in their wild youth the tree was a great source of amusement. I would put it up and decorate it and it would look very nice. About 2-00a.m. we would be wakened bu an enormous crash from the lounge and on checking it out would find the tree on its side and the decorations spread through out the house. This would happen every night through out the festive season. I think they liked to see how long it took for me to stand the tree back up and put everything back again so that they could pull it down again. Even now many years later and most of them now no longer with us we still find decorations in the strangest places.
by: deirdre on 12/06/18
Mabel was in the doghouse today too! I let her out in the front yard (I was with her) and she took not one but two wood stars that I had decorated with, and chewed them into splinters. I tried to get her to drop them....I failed.
by: Jaj on 12/06/18
There is no way that you can get angry at Mabel with those beautiful soulful eyes! We used to have a small black English cocker spaniel. When she was a pup, she chewed the back out of all my son's leather shoes. One day I came home and couldn't find her anywhere in the house. I ran through the housing complex asking anyone I saw if they had seen her. I remember walking up the hill with tears in my eyes thinking that I would never see her again, went in the house and then I remembered there was a bedroom with a closed door. I walked in and she had chewed every high heel I had. But I picked her up and hugged her and did not get angry I was so happy. They leave footprints on your heart-the stinkers!
by: pamelastine11 on 12/06/18