Help needed
I’m new to cross stitching... I just received this sparrow kit and I’m not sure about the strands of thread. I’ve only worked with DMC. The thread with this kit only has two strands and it’s not separating as I expect. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
Posted by: Courtneybcurrie on 01/08/19
I’m just guessing, but maybe you aren’t supposed separate the threads?
by: Jaj on 01/08/19
contact the company
by: jhsettles on 01/08/19
Is it a Riolis kit? Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 01/08/19
Yes, it’s a Riolis half stitch kit.
by: Courtneybcurrie on 01/08/19
By looking at the photo of the package it says it's woolen and acrylic yarn, done in half stitch cross-stitch. It looks like the sparrow is done using the wool as is, not separated. The backstitching looks like it is done with a single strand of acrylic. That's my guess, but not seeing the yarn and how much was included in the kit, it's pretty hard to tell. The instructions must say somewhere how many strands are used or if the yarn is used as is.
by: susiebelle7 on 01/08/19
I attached a picture of the directions. Does 3 strands mean 3 pieces since the thread doesn’t separate like DMC?
by: Courtneybcurrie on 01/08/19
I just finished this exact design over Christmas!! The thread is not standard's more like wool. You DO NOT separate it. It is one ply. Most of the design is done as "1/2 cross stitch", meaning only the first leg of the X is completed. It would have been easier to say needlepoint, but I digress.

To get the 3 strands, cut three identical lengths of the thread and put them through the needle together. Put two lengths together for the few full X stitches.

I ran out of the white by the time I got to the snow flakes. I got all but three of them in, so use your white wisely. The snow flakes take up a lot of thread.
by: Katt150 on 01/09/19
Thank you so much!! I’m very impressed with all the quick helpful responses. What a great little cross stitch community!
by: Courtneybcurrie on 01/09/19
Oh...and one more thing. Use a small hoop! I stitched mine free hand and the fabric got a little wonky.

I think you'll be very happy with the end product. It works up quickly. I just bought a matted square frame for it. I have to press the design before I frame it, hoping that fixes the wonkiness. Then, he'll sit on my desk at work. I named him Jim, after my husband. We moved to southern CA from Pittsburgh, PA a few years ago because the snow and cold made my husband grumpy, just like this bird. I laugh every time I look at it.
by: Katt150 on 01/09/19
Katt150, I am originally from the Pittsburgh area-Penn Hills to be specific. My son and I went back after Christmas 4 years ago. I live in Oklahoma now and honestly, I miss the snow and the burgh. The last two days we have opened the back door and turned off the heat. After all this time, still not used to it. I like the sparrow pattern. Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 01/09/19