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I am thinking of making this cross stitch. I have only used hoops in the past which I need to move as I work on the piece. Do you recommend using stretchers to do,this piece and what size should,I get?

Thank you for your feedback.
Posted by: Lucylean on 01/10/19
I cross stitch a LOT and I always use the dowel and bars (with the "ends" and wing nuts). They keep your fabric perfectly flat with no wrinkles and all you have to do is roll up and down to move the design. I keep mine in a plastic bag so the fabric never gets dirty. I never have to wash or iron my finished work. They come in a lot of different sizes and you just need to make sure your correctly sized fabric fits within the slots of the dowels. Hope this helps!
by: Cindyk on 01/10/19
Hi, LucyJean, I see you like large projects. Me, too. If I were stitching this project, I would use a scroll frame, as Cindy suggested, so you can simply roll the fabric up as you progress. The design size on this project is listed as 21.3" x 16". If you are going to have it framed when you finish stitching it, you will need to add an additional 6 inches to the size of your fabric (3 inches on each side, left and right), making it 27.3" x 16" or whatever you want to round it up to. So you would need at least a 30" scroll frame (a 28" scroll frame might be pretty tight), which is a big frame to hold in your hands and will cost a bit. You might want to think about investing in a floor stand or table top frame to hold it for you.
Two top scroll frame makers are American Dream Products ( and F.A. Edmunds ( I would suggest looking at these websites to get an idea of what's available before making a decision. also sells scroll frames.
Good luck in whatever you decide!
by: susiebelle7 on 01/10/19
Love this pattern! I hope you post your progress - it's going to be gorgeous!
by: lmurdoch on 01/11/19