I purchased Jingle All the Way snowman stitch a few years ago. I am just starting the cross stitch. I have questions regarding on to set up the multiple pages
Posted by: Sindee on 01/10/19
What questions do you have, Sindee? I would just stitch it one page at a time.
by: susiebelle7 on 01/10/19
Definitely make a photocopy of each page before starting to stitch. Keep all original pages together in a safe place.
There have been many stitchers complain about losing their patterns (the dog ate it, house fire, moving) and they don't have a backup to work with.
Just a stitcher who saw your post. Diana
by: djrb7213 on 01/10/19
When I have a pattern that has multiple pages, I make sure my cloth is plenty big, then I start with and complete page 1 (top left-hand corner of my cloth, leaving 3 inches at the top and left-hand side for framing). Then on to page 2, which is usually directly to the right of the stitches completed for page 1. At some point, your pattern will indicate that the next page starts underneath the stitches for page 1. I just work through from page 1 to the end. Happy stitching! :)
by: lmurdoch on 01/11/19
I am working on my largest project ever. It is 300 x 400 stitches. Like the previous posters, I made a copy of all of the pages and put them on a clip board. I stitch one page at a time, starting in the upper left corner and working across. I do go a few stitches beyond the page here and there so as not to create a ridge line at the edge of the page. I use a yellow highlighter to color all of one symbol where I am going to stitch. As I go along, I color over the yellow with a green highlighter as the stitches are completed. That way it is easy to follow where you are going on the pattern and what is done. The colors don't matter just as long as the first color is lighter and the second color will show up when marked on top of the first. I am using a scroll frame which I have found to be really helpful. It did take a bit to get used to holding it. This is what I have found to work for ME. Everyone has their own tricks that work for them. Experiment and do what you like. As long as the end result is the same, how you get there doesn't matter, as long as you enjoy yourself. Have fun!
by: Bruce STL on 01/15/19