New to this!
Ok so I'm new to this im a crochet addict but I wanted to try something new. I am a quick learner and thought I had it down enough to start. Until I got to really looking at the Legend. So my ? Is it says full and 1/4 stitches then French knots then back stiches. I know how each which is done but what does it mean by full and 1/4 like do both together in one square or what ? How do i know which stitch to do?
Posted by: jewbee1028 on 01/11/19
I've not seen full and 1/4 stitches in the same square. Usually non-whole stitches are designated on the chart as little bitty indicators or multiple ones in the same square. Does your chart have any of those?
by: MarzHere on 01/11/19
I'm going to hazard a guess here ... look at the chart and you may notice that some of the squares are divided with one of those symbols showing in each of the divided sections. Those would be where you would use that color as a quarter stitch. If the chart square has only one symbol in it, it would be a full stitch.
by: adcoresky on 01/11/19
Here's another guess: I think for those colors --some are done in full stitch and some in 1/4 stitch. You should be able to see the 1/4 ones divided on the graph for the pattern. Oops, this is what the above stitcher told you.
by: maubennett on 01/11/19
Ok well first off thank you all for the feedback. I posted a picture of it bit i guess it didnt show up but the symbol is a diamond so I'm guessing its a full stitch lol. I thought I had this down. Guess not.
by: jewbee1028 on 01/11/19
Cross stitch is just one stitch at a time and there are no cross stitch police (thank goodness). I think you will love cross stitching and this is a great place for advice. I am a stitcher on this site and my name is Pam. Good luck.
by: pamelastine11 on 01/11/19
Hope this helps.

The corner the symbol is in is where you start the 1/4 stitch.
by: mdstudey on 01/12/19