Kristi - hoop
I have about 20 more stitches on my latest cover all "Power in the Mist" by Kustom Kraft and I have been using the turquoise sparkle hoop since it came in my surprise box and I want to tell you it is the nicest hoop I have ever used in my 25+ years of stitching. Keeps my fabric tight so it isn't sloppy while I work on it. Thanks again for including the hoop in the box. Will be interesting to see what is in the next one. Keep up the fantastic surprises.
Posted by: clpatt123 on 02/09/19
Are these hoops for sale?
by: surt8511 on 02/09/19
Yes - they are in the items just released by ECS for sale this past week. I saw an ad either on my facebook or the home page of ECS. I don't remember the price but it was ridiculously low. Several color choices were offered. It is by Anchor and is such a nice hoop. Didn't loosen during the past couple of weeks I have been using it.
I just checked surt and they are listed under hoops/needles etc. as sparkle hoops by Anchor for $3.60 each.
by: clpatt123 on 02/09/19
Hi Cheryl,

That's wonderful news!! Thanks for letting me know :) I love hearing the reviews of the products so thank you so much for your feedback!

And thank you for directing the other poster to them on the website :) You guys are always so helpful on here :) The next box is coming along....I think we have everything picked out and on order so now we are just doing all of the final touches for the design and colors....yay!

~Kristi @ ECS
by: Kristi @ ECS on 02/11/19