Easy project for travel
Does anyone have an idea for a project that is easy on the eyes to take with me on vacation?
Posted by: Bgreuter on 02/10/19
What about a single color pattern, such as red or black work.
by: jaba on 02/10/19
How long will you be gone? Are you staying at a hotel? I always find that there is not enough lighting for stitching. I like to take some aida with me to grid for future projects.
by: NANCYE G on 02/10/19
I don't have any suggestions for a specific project, but personally when I travel or if my husband is in the hospital (and I'm visiting for the day or staying overnight) I prefer to take a project that's somewhat small -- probably no larger than 6x8 inches -- isn't highly detailed, and doesn't have a bonanza of colors/flosses that would need to travel with me. For me, something like a mini sampler or holiday ornament is what I'd usually choose. I prefer to leave beads and other embellishments at home, they're too annoying to bother with when I'm not at home : )

I always pack the project (including frame or hoop, scissors and an extra needle or two) into a gallon-size ziptop bag that's easy to get into & out of a tote bag. Don't forget of course that if you're flying to your vacation site, scissors and needles might need to be packed into checked baggage.

Have a great vacation!

by: MaryC on 02/10/19
I always have something going that I call my no brainers. I’ve been working on a string of Christmas lights. I have a long piece of cording that I can add too as the spirit moves me.
by: Jaj on 02/11/19
I started and finished this little guy while visiting family over the holidays. You can buy it here on ECS. It's a Riolis kit. It turned out so darned cute, if I say so myself. All threads are included...easy stitches, few colors.
by: Katt150 on 02/11/19
Thank you so much for your suggestions! I will be on the lookout for several of your ideas! Best wishes to all who commented.
by: Bgreuter on 02/11/19
I’ve travelled a lot but those days are behind me now. Whether the travelling was work or pleasure I left my stitching at home for the simple reason that I just didn’t enjoy it away from my well appointed stitching corner......much better to relax in the bath, solve a cross word or enjoy a book.
by: Marydenmark on 02/12/19
Katt, that is so cute, nice work. Jaj, love the Christmas lights.
by: djhmom55 on 02/12/19