I ordered this pattern, received it and found out its the kind you have to count. I don’t know how to even start this, let alone do it. Does anyone have a idea how to put this on material?
Thank you in advance.
Posted by: Mema on 04/09/19
Google counted cross stitch. Did you get the threads and fabric?
by: surt8511 on 04/09/19
I hope you give this a try. If you can count, you can do this. Did you get a pattern only or is it a kit which includes floss and fabric? Surtman is right because you can go on the net and get instructions. The instructions should show you how to find the center of the fabric. You just fold the material horizontally then vertically and there you have your center or start point. Look on the pattern. There should be arrows horizontally and vertically to the center of the pattern. That is where you start on the pattern. I may be wrong, but I am assuming you have done stamped before so you know how to secure your floss and that every stitch on every row is going the same way:///////////// right to left then come back over \\\\\\\\ . You just don't have the design stamped on. Thank goodness for the internet. Check it out. There are so many stitchers on here that can help you if you decide that you want to give this a try. The design is beautiful and the colors are amazing. Good luck. Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 04/09/19
No, I didn’t get the floss or material. I was so excited to find this, and thought it was a kit, but didn’t read the fine print that said pattern only. It’s been years since I did cross stitch so will check out a YouTube to figure out how to do it. What kind of material should I get for this, should it be washed and ironed before I try to start this?
Thank you so much for the reply’s!
by: Mema on 04/09/19
Since you are just starting, I would probably order 14 count aida. I say that because when I first started, the kit I bought had 14 count. No, do not wash or iron the material before stitching. There is no need. Since you have the pattern, it shows you what colors of floss you will need to order. I use DMC floss because of the quality and all the colors that they have. Yes, do check the internet because I know there are more than one site that will be able to walk you through all the steps. Like I said, if you can count, you can stitch. Just be careful to pay attention to the pattern when you are stitching. Every person on this chat has had to "frog" which just means taking out stitches (ribbit, ribbit). It really is a pretty pattern with beautiful colors for spring and summer. Be careful-counted cross stitching is addictive!! Like I said, we have so many talented stitchers that can help and give tips. Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 04/09/19
I would purchase 14-count Aida cloth (white) to stitch this project. Aida is easy to count and the 14-count is not too hard on the eyes. The pattern, once stitched on 14-count Aida, is 14" x 11" (rounded up). I would buy fabric large enough to have 3 inches of fabric on the top, bottom, and each side of the finished piece, so a 20" by 17" piece at least.

Then, as Surt8511 said, once you receive your fabric (I never wash my fabric before I start - but others might), fold it in half horizontally, then unfold, and fold in half vertically. Your center point will be where the two folds intersect. Your pattern will have arrows at the top, bottom and sides - follow those arrows with your fingers until you find the stitch that is in the middle of the pattern. Start there. I work upwards and to the left until I reach the top left-hand corner of my pattern, then I work left to right by the squares of 100 stitches designated in the pattern.

It's really not that hard - just one stitch at a time. Once you have found your middle stitch, stick close as you work outwards, so that you don't skip a stitch somewhere, relax, and enjoy the process. Your finished piece will be beautiful!

Good luck Mema, and happy stitching!
by: lmurdoch on 04/09/19
Mema, when you get your fabric and threads. Just ask us,, we will get you started. Love the colors
by: surt8511 on 04/09/19
What a cute piece! I may have to order it, as a change off from all my other WIP's.
by: mkhanes on 04/09/19
Even better because it's a Kooler" design I don't think there will be any fractionals and you should find the back stitching fairly easy to follow if you take your time and read the pattern. I usually make two copies of the pattern - one to mark off the stitching and one to mark off the back stitching. But that's just me and my method.
by: deirdre on 04/09/19
Hi Mema! That's a pretty piece. Like everyone else said, you can do this. Use YouTube and look at several counted cross stitch videos. Just count your stitches. Some stitchers also grid their fabric with either pencil lines or thread (I use thread) but it certainly isn't necessary. I stitched for years just starting in the center with no gridding.

I am the other way than you, I started by doing counted cross stitching and find stamped works confusing! I do find it helpful to highlight out the stitches I've done on the pattern. Also, I would start with 14 count Aida, like everyone suggested.

Looking forward to seeing your progress on this. You've got this!
by: denise.debolt on 04/09/19
Thank you all so much! I know I was leaving stuff out and was panicking. If a person is with you, it is so much easier than just putting things in words. I don't have a lot of self confidence about trying to direct a new stitcher. Stitchers rock!! Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 04/09/19