Here is another picture. Apparently it only allows one picture at a time.
Posted by: gjggraves1 on 04/14/19
Of the two, I like this one the best. Again, amazing. Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 04/14/19
Very nice!!
by: denise.debolt on 04/14/19
It reminds me of the coast of Maine--very nice.
by: crusin60 on 04/14/19
Your pictures are beautiful, giggraves! Very nice!
by: susiebelle7 on 04/14/19
by: djhmom55 on 04/14/19
Crusin60 The is coast of Washington
by: gjggraves1 on 04/14/19
Thanks for all the nice comments. I’m thinking of starting a web site where I will cross stitch pictures for people. Not sure yet. This one of my favorites. A light house at Crescent City California.
by: gjggraves1 on 04/14/19
How did you teach yourself to do such amazing designing with needle and thread? When they have cross stitching contests, I have learned I can't do it. At first though, I would take graph paper, sit down, grab a pencil and then....went totally blank. I am thankful for all the designers out there who convert artwork to patterns. Amazing. Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 04/14/19
I admire your work! Do you mind if I ask, do you use a computer program to scan the image and convert it to a pattern and select the colors, or do you convert it yourself? If you do the work yourself, I admire your effort and work all the more!
by: MaryC on 04/14/19
Actually I don’t use graft paper. I do the pictures from photos. I do measure with a ruler to know the inches and I need for a certain part of the picture. I ,of course, go thru and find the colors I need.then figure how many stitches I will need for the part I’m doing. I always start in the upper left hand corner and work across. I know experts say start in the middle. It doesn’t work for me. The first thing I did without a pattern, was the cover of a PBS magazine, geese flying over a farm and a pond. To me it seems like what you do if you painted a picture. I couldn’t paint or draw a picture, if my life depended on. I taught preschool and when 4 yr olds laugh at your picture, you know you cannot draw. Here is a photo and the picture I did
by: gjggraves1 on 04/14/19