Boot Camp
Well I did my first ever boot camp workout! It was intense but fun and hard at times but I stayed with it and just did what I could! My daughter and I signed up for another 21 days and we can go as little or as much as we want to . We are going four times this week. You are a little sore after but it feels good to have accomplished such a workout! Coupled with eating right I am hoping the needle on the scale goes down some for my May 24th doctor's appt.
Posted by: ladyj117 on 04/15/19
It is so much easier to stick to a workout when you have someone to do it with. I hope you and your daughter have fun with this and stick to it!
by: adcoresky on 04/16/19
Good for you! At the moment my workouts consist of dog walking, and ball throwing. (I’m developing a heck of an arm!)
by: Jaj on 04/16/19
Just had day two of the boot camp. It was hard but I tried to do everything I could as long as I could. I feel like I failed miserably but I realize by just showing up and trying is something! My daughter is such a good cheerleader as we are trying to hold planks she is saying, "you got this, you got this." She is so great to have by my side. We love having each other as a workout buddy! Feeling a little discouraged but I know I can't give up after only two classes. I will get stronger and a little better at the exercises each time I go. The one good thing is I am more aware of what I am eating because I know how hard it is to do burpees or hold a plank and if I eat junk food or processed food, it will make it all the harder to do the workouts.
by: ladyj117 on 04/16/19