Weeks Dye Works to DMC
Does anyone know the conversion for Weeks Dye Works colors: 1124 Sandcastle, 2197 Oscar, 1107 Cattail floss to DMC? I've found several conversion charts but none have these colors listed. Thanks.
Posted by: cilstephens on 04/15/19
I agree to looking and not finding any of the week’s floss to DMC conversion for your 3 flosses.
Here is a way of contacting Weeks to see if they can help:

Weeks Dye Works, Inc.
1510-103 Mechanical Blvd.
Garner, North Carolina 27529

877.OVERDYE toll-free
919.772.9166 voice
919.772.8757 facsimile
by: Bermuda on 04/15/19
I found Oscar...(3011)and cattail...(3864)...and sand, but no sand castle....
by: Jaj on 04/15/19
Thank you both for the information. I also found Sand, but not Sandcastle. These are for 2 Easter designs by SubRosa, a designer that is new to me. Sandcastle is for the sheep in "Easter Greetings" and is variegated. Maybe I'll use a Classic Colorworks that I have that I think will substitute. Just don't have time to order WDW floss and have almost all the DMC colors. Thanks again for such quick and helpful responses.
by: cilstephens on 04/15/19
No problem, it gave me an excuse to not do what I should have been doing.
by: Jaj on 04/16/19
Hello- Interesting that I was looking for a conversion for WDW Sandcastle as well, and noticed your post. I found a Blackbird Designs chart that indicates DMC 422 would be equivalent to WDW Sandcastle. I hope this helps!
by: michelledickson on 04/17/19
Thank you Michelle, this is why more than one head is always helpful!! Have you ever had a project that just wouldn't come together? I've been counted cross-stitching for almost 40 years and have completed several of the Lavender and Lace angel designs with beads, etc, however, I made a counting mistake in the first row of this simple design. Seems like when it goes wrong from the bginning , it stays wrong all the way through, lol.
by: cilstephens on 04/18/19