Picture I crossed stitched from a photo
Wolf Creek Pass, my favorite
Posted by: gjggraves1 on 05/10/19
Now, THIS one I can see AND recognize! Wonderful! ๐Ÿ˜Š
by: VCESS on 05/11/19
How did you do this? Transferred photo onto a grid chart? I want to make a cross stitch banner from a photo.
by: Maria Smith on 05/11/19
Like I said, amazing. I have been there also. How do you do this? Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 05/11/19
Where is this? Very nice!
by: crusin60 on 05/11/19
Wolf Creek Pass is on the Continental Divide in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Highway 160 passes through it. Once you've driven it, you will never forget it! ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
by: susiebelle7 on 05/11/19
I know that view, spent a lot of time at Wolf Creek Ski Resort. My kids learned to ski there. Nice pic and amazing work! You have been very busy.
by: djhmom55 on 05/11/19
I love cross stitching from photos. It has so much more meaning than just using a pattern.
by: nicosha72 on 05/11/19
That is a beautiful picture!
by: rmac2683 on 05/11/19
Mary smith. I donโ€™t use a grid, just a photo, measure and figure according to the count size.
by: gjggraves1 on 05/11/19
Pamelastine I know the count size, measure and figure then do it from the photo
by: gjggraves1 on 05/11/19