Just Curious...
Has anyone tried the ‘diamond painting’ cross stitching?
Just curious because I’ve come upon kits on my travels on the Internet.
Posted by: Bermuda on 05/13/19
My DD has had a "canvas" under her mattress for 4 months...does that count?
by: VCESS on 05/13/19
Yes, I have. I enjoy it very much and keep one in progress as a break from stitching when I need one. I wouldn't call it cross-stitching since it is all beads stuck to a canvas and not sewn. The only similarity is the pattern on the canvas is in symbols similar to cross stitch. This is a photo of the one I'm working on now. We had a discussion on this last Fall sometime after I first joined this chat room.
by: susiebelle7 on 05/13/19
I'd have beads e v e r y w h e r e. But I'm clumsy. That is beautiful.
by: Le-Anne on 05/13/19
My patience would definitely be tried on this type of work, especially since I hate beading in general. Maddie would have them all over the place, cat vs beads not a good combination. I know I would be finding the things all over the place for years.
by: Nettie on 05/13/19
Bermuda! I am looking forward to Summer and those umbrella drinks on the beach, which remains so close as one small road and one house away! I have encountered these new "diamond" things, but I need to stitch as usual and not acquire more stuff! The expense would kill me, when I see how much I have in my stash!
by: Su Pitt on 05/13/19
Thank you everyone. I am tempted just to say I tried it.
Susiebelle, love the picture you are doing! Where did you purchase it? I don’t have cats or dogs but I don’t need them to help me dump beads all over.
Su - Going to ‘the beach’ on occasion has been refreshing,
Usually done in times of high stress, then I order a
drink, usually a Corona, that I can shove in the sand
next to my cabana-striped beach chair. The quiet -
except for the surf sliding up onto the sand of the
beach, producing a slight ‘hissing’ sound as it does,
is a comfortable sound. I moved my cabana chair a
bit further under the leaning palm tree so as to not
get sunburned. In a little while I’ll grab my walk ie-
talkie to order another pattern, maybe a ‘beach’

by: Bermuda on 05/14/19
I do the diamond painting and enjoy it. I used to do cross stitching but it got to the point that threading the needle and my eyes weren't getting along. I have done the kits where the canvas was stamped with the pattern but i have found that using cross stitch patterns and ordering all supplies more enjoyable.
by: sandismithsmiles on 05/14/19
Bermuda, I ordered this particular kit online from a place called "The Diamond Painting Store" in Miami, Florida. It is called "Rainy Pedestrian." However, I will not order from this company again. While located in Miami, their products all are shipped from Asia.... China, I think, and shipping took over a month. Also, I am not happy with the quality compared to what I have ordered from Amazon. Some of the drills (beads) keep popping up and are not of consistent size and quality. I do enjoy diamond painting, but this particular one is giving me fits, so I'll stick with the diamond painting kits for adults from Amazon until I find another place to order them from.

I would start with something small to get an idea of whether or not you are going to like diamond painting. My first one was simply the head of a pink rose from Amazon. Then my friend gave me one called "Flutter By Mauve" by Diamond Dotz which has a printed background and only the butterfly is done is drills. Both of these were of good quality. After that I moved to full coverage kits and got a 2-pack of "Starry Night" by Van Gogh and another Van Gogh painting the name of which escapes me right now, also from Amazon. These were also of good quality.

A light box also helps if you intend to continue diamond painting.
by: susiebelle7 on 05/14/19
I have seen some pretty diamond paintings at Herrschners.
by: Le-Anne on 05/14/19
I have tried it--The picture of the beads is bigger than in real life--- Need a huge magnifying glass and special light to try to do this.. I gave up..I like easy relaxing projects..I also ordered from this company and its from China---Never again--also latch hook rug I have to find color canvas to try it..not many of those available. I have 2 bag loads of geometric Jack Dempsey stamped cross stitch squares...Someday I hope to make pillows and pictures using them and donate them to VA Hospitals
by: rmac2683 on 05/14/19