Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't been on, but the radiation I went through really weakened me more than I thought it would. I finished my radiation treatments last Tues. This coming Tues. I am having a port implanted, then on Fri. I start my chemo - or whatever they decide my treatment will be. It could be immunology, or just chemo, or a combo of the 2. I do appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers and I will keep you updated. Janet
Posted by: jmirz on 06/01/19
When I went through my chemo and radiation it wasn't bad. They gave me a pill to take before chemo so I wouldn't get sick. Ask about that. I had 4 weeks of 2 kinds and then another 4 weeks of 2 different kinds of chemo. The last 4 I was given Benadryl to help with any allergies I might have. No sickness there but it sure made me sleepy. My hubby would bring me home and I would lay down on the couch and sleep. He would wake me for lunch then back to the couch and sleep more. Then dinner time same thing, bedtime comes along and I would sleep. I also slept in the oncologists office. When I started puttering around the kitchen he would take a seat and I would start cooking again. My treatments were every 2 weeks. That was about 12 years ago. Good luck with yours.
by: SaraDale on 06/01/19
Good to hear from you Janet. Pretty sure we all understand your silence. Prayers continue for you.
by: 113kevans on 06/01/19
Continuing to pray for you, Janet. Take it easy. At least the radiation is out of the way.
by: denise.debolt on 06/01/19
Janet, You have been in my thoughts and prayers. Glad you are through with radiation. Try to keep good thoughts and think of a good place where you would live to visit - like the beach-when you are having treatments. Wishing you the best....
by: maubennett on 06/01/19
Janet, don't worry about us hearing from you. You are in our thoughts and prayers and we know you are going through such a hard time that you don't feel like posting. Every day prayers are said for you specifically. I honestly wish I were there and could help you in any way I could. Just lean on others and focus on YOU. We care. God be with you and bless you. Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 06/01/19
Glad to hear from you but focus on YOU and your treatments, we’re here for you and if you are too busy and/or tired to get on the chat, like Pam said, we know you need the rest and it’s important you get your rest....

I’ll still throw you a teddy bear picture once in a while but you don’t need to respond, just enjoy the Teddy and rest😊

by: Bermuda on 06/01/19
Thinking and praying for you. Please rest as much as you can. 🙏🙏
by: surt8511 on 06/01/19
Even more prayer and hugs from down here. DH sends his best wishes for a great outcome.
by: deirdre on 06/01/19
And a wish for sweet dreams! ☺
by: VCESS on 06/01/19
#1 thing to do is to take care of yourself. Keeping you my thoughts and prayers. You can do this!
by: crusin60 on 06/01/19