Non Cross Stitching Statement
Has anyone ever stepped into a fire ant site? I stepped off my front porch yesterday to go check my flowers and overnight fire ants have made our home, their home. They are really fast and, believe you me, hurt like the dickens! I had black socks on so I didn't see them til they were over the ankle. Today I have blisters that are red and topped off with a white pustule. Guess I will have to dust off my hazmat suit and borrow Bermuda's bazooka!!!! I am not at "Peace" with those fire ants and never will be. Pam
Posted by: pamelastine11 on 06/09/19
Yes! They really are painful. I feel for you. Get well soon.
by: Le-Anne on 06/09/19
Oh, Pam, how awful! I've only ever seen fire ants on nature shows, but I've seen what kind of damage they can do. I hope you recover soon! By all means, borrow Bermuda's bazooka! I think that would be very satisfying!
by: susiebelle7 on 06/09/19
Oh dear! I feel for you! I got attacked by a colony about 3 years ago while digging in the garden and it took my wrists and arms, where I got bit, about 4 weeks to heal up.
Time to bring in the ‘Heavy armor’ and buy fire ant killer at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Read directions carefully, I think after you put the granules on the nest you need to lightly wet the granules.
Do yourself a favor and spread the ant killer all around the surrounding area so the fire 🔥 ants don’t leave the current nest and build another one 5 feet away. Happened to me and so I did a 10 x 20 foot area and watered in; finally got rid of them. You can borrow my bazooka AND I’ll send over a bottle of Jack Daniels for you to kill any pain from the inside out!

by: Bermuda on 06/09/19
Uhhhh...can I come help? 😃
by: VCESS on 06/09/19
Sure VCESS! I’ll even let you take a few practice shots with the bazooka if Pam finds another ant mound.
Fire ants aren’t the only ones that know how to ‘fight 🔥 with fire’!
by: Bermuda on 06/09/19
Oh, boy! I've always wanted to play with a bazooka! I'm thinking we should beg to use her flame-thrower, too...just for giggles. 😄
by: VCESS on 06/10/19
Pam’s flame-thrower would work even better VCESS!
If one gets enough practice on degree of flame ascent, factor in current wind direction and speed, and the flame intensity ratio, I’ll bet I can burn out the fire ant mound at the same time I vaporize the hair in my armpits....
A sort of ‘2-in-1’ deal.....
by: Bermuda on 06/10/19
Oh Pam I feel so bad for you. Hope you recover quickly.
by: crusin60 on 06/10/19
You guys are so funny, hope you get rid of the ants, Pam. A little help from some friends, I can just see it. After the fire power, I can see you all at the beach, drink in hand. Well deserved.
by: djhmom55 on 06/10/19
Just be sure when changing your underwear when tent camping that there are none around. Oh yeah, that really did happen. I started bringing fire ant killer with me after that. We now have a travel trailer.
by: mdstudey on 06/10/19