A tidbit....
Couldn’t understand why my upper arms and shoulders’ -left side more than right side-(ball joints) were hurting so much since I switched over from the physically heavier ‘ IJ’ WIP pattern about 7 days ago to the much lighter Q-Snap framed
‘Love Me Not’ WIP.
FINALLY figured it out —
My lower left arm constantly being in a raised position to stitch WITHOUT any support for my left elbow, so upper left arm and shoulder muscles in a constant contraction to support lower arm being in the air for hours.
4 pillows stacked for elbow support appears to be the answer.
Posted by: Bermuda on 06/12/19
I wonder how many pillows I would have to sit on to get my elbow that high? ☺
by: VCESS on 06/12/19
For my b-day, I (whoops, I mean hubby) bought me a floor stand to hold my qsnap. So, I've moved from the dining table to my stitching chair. Chair does have arms and I can rest my right elbow (which is my bottom hand while two-handed stitching) on the arm. But, the left arm (top hand while two-hand stitching) is unsupported. I've started noticing the same thing as you...arm is tired and sore. I will need to find some pillows.
by: MarzHere on 06/12/19
The pillows help a lot Marzhere. I’m still a bit sore but not as bad as last night. I had those pillows stacked and tucked right up against my left side ( I Stitch left-handed) to support my left elbow area
by: Bermuda on 06/13/19
Good suggestion on the pillows. The only way I don't tense up and get sore is if I stitch in-hand but I'm not very good at it unless it's really stiff Aida. I haven't had much luck getting my stand to not droop, especially when I keep having to flip it. Maybe I need a better stand?
by: denise.debolt on 06/13/19
denise.debolt - I'm having the same issue. Do you use qsnaps? I do and think since they are plastic, they make it hard for the stand's frame clamp to get a good hold. I'm going to put some of the rubbery grid stuff, that you put under a rug to make it non-skid, around the qsnap frame and that goes in the clamp area, to see if that helps with the sag.
by: MarzHere on 06/13/19
Marz, I seem to be able to get the clamp on the frame (I have only used my stand with wooden scroll frames) tight enough. I have put cloth between the frame and the stand clamp, so I think your idea should work. I have trouble with the joints on the stand coming loose. Someone in a FB group mentioned using rubber bands to stabilize his stand. I tried a q-snap and couldn't get the fabric tight enough - it's me, not the q-snap. :-) Denise
by: denise.debolt on 06/13/19
Bermuda maybe you better join that Boot Camp with ladyj--I would love to join you😊
by: crusin60 on 06/13/19
Marzhere- that rubbery grid that they put under rugs will probably work because it appears to be the same rubbery grid that you can buy at the dollar store for lining kitchen cupboards, bathroom drawers, etc. I would try a cut strip of it on the edge of your fabric and push the Q-Snap Clamp down on top of it and twist the clamp to tighten the fabric.

Denise, What is the name of the stand that you have? Do you have a picture of it? I’m trying to figure out why the frames (Q-Snap frame?) is slipping on yours.
I have a Lowery stand.....
by: Bermuda on 06/14/19