Cross stitching
So I posted yesterday what I was working on and some was curious what it looked like. So I added a picture of what it will look like and on the comments I put the picture of what mine looks like. It's called "Frog Pile". I started it a couple years back or so for my youngest who loved frogs. It got put on the back burner due to work, being my husband's caregiver, my mental health issuses, and a couple other projects that I did. But I'm back at it again. Need to get this one done and then it's off to my turtle.
Posted by: liss1974 on 07/09/19
Heres what mine currently looks like
by: liss1974 on 07/09/19
Looking super!
by: mdonelson on 07/09/19
Looking great. Good job. Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 07/09/19
Your project looks really interesting! It’s absolutely coming to life!
by: lseida on 07/09/19
Wonderful Liss! Love the colors. This has got to be fun with all the different colors!
by: Bermuda on 07/09/19
It's neat. I imagine the youngest will be excited for it.
by: MarzHere on 07/09/19
Lol...the youngest is now almost 17 but yes hes still excited about it...he checked in with me today to see how much more I need to do on it...
by: liss1974 on 07/09/19
Love the colors! Must be fun to work on.
by: crusin60 on 07/10/19
Did this one several years ago for my oldest grandson. He has loved frogs since before he walked. He has it hanging in his room. It was so much fun to work up. Hope you are enjoying it, liss.
by: djhmom55 on 07/10/19
I also did frogs from X's and O's. That was a lot of fun too, very colorful.
by: djhmom55 on 07/10/19