ECS just keeps getting better and better...
This morning about 9:30 I placed an order with ECS for a large piece of Touch of Yellow 14 ct aida and 4 packages of card board bobbins. I just sat down to my computer at 4:30 and found an e-mail that says these items have been shipped. Seven hours from sending from my computer to receiving a shipment notice. I am totally amazed. I am a big amazon shopper and they can't beat ECS. Thanks everyone. You are all absolutely the best!!! Cheryl
P. S. And this was right in the middle of all the stitchin stuff orders coming in and being handled. Troy - you have a great group of employees there.
Posted by: clpatt123 on 07/10/19
I've been impressed with everyone since I started ordering this March! It has been a wonderful experience, even though I have spent way too much money :) I've ordered something every month sometimes more than once a month... I got my first Stitchin Stuff box ordered today and I can't wait to get it,,, I'm doing a lot of beach themed projects right now so it is just perfect. I'm so glad I found this site.
by: beths.crafts2018 on 07/10/19
Welcome to the chat, Beth! We're all big spenders here! 😃
by: VCESS on 07/10/19
Thank you all so much for your kind words and praises! I will make sure the gang in our shipping department sees this :) We made some changes to our daily operations and after a few tweaks, things are running smoothly so I’m so glad to hear about the positive effect it’s had on our customers! Thank you all again!!

~Kristi @ ECS
by: Kristi @ ECS on 07/10/19
It is nice to see something positive posted about orders. Most are pretty nasty rants. I have not had any issue with ECS. I also know if I did if I did the simple thing like calling customer service they would extremely helpful.

Keep up the good work ECS.
by: mdstudey on 07/11/19
Welcome to the chat Beths!
What beach themed cross stitch project are you working on now? How long have you been Counted-cross stitching?
The Chat has all types of Counted cross stitchers; men and women stitchers from ‘newbies’ to stitchers with many, many years of doing this type of craft. 😊
by: Bermuda on 07/11/19
I do all my cross stitch buying from here at ECS. Their prices are so reasonable and so many choices. Their shipping has always been very fast and efficient.

My only problem is I keep buying more stuff! LOL
by: syagel on 07/12/19