Well, we’re going to try this again.......
Unless, heaven forbid, something else comes up...
I’m working on getting my cataract surgery done this coming October for both my eyes.
Wonder if I’ll have a patch....so I can look like a pirate.
I had minor surgery very close to my eye years ago,
They gave me Valium pre-surgery and an eye patch
post-surgery and I had all the body language movements
like Captain Jack Sparrow when I was ready to go home....
Posted by: Bermuda on 07/11/19
Haha, you will get your patch!!
by: surt8511 on 07/11/19
Bermuda, Much good luck with your cataract surgery. Or is it surgeries? One at a time? My husband had both done but the surgeries were a year apart. He says they weren’t a big deal and all went fine. Although if it was me, I’d consider it a pretty big deal! I hope yours is swift and uneventful! We gave him a Velcro parrot for his arm and a hook for his hand as he wore his eye patch. I’m glad he still had his sense of humor that day! Best of luck to you! Linda
by: lseida on 07/11/19
good luck hope everything goes well and you are soon back stitching.
by: deirdre on 07/11/19
Ahoy, matey! Arghh! Pam
by: pamelastine11 on 07/11/19
Bermuda, cataract surgery is the easiest surgery you will ever have. I don't say that lightly! I am very particular about anything to do with my eyes. But when it gets to be a choice between seeing and not seeing clearly, I took the surgery. And I'm glad I did. I had a very nice female surgeon, and it was easy, peasy! You will see the improvement right away. I had both eyes done last Fall, two weeks apart. First the left (which was the worst one), then the right. I had a minor anesthetic. It did not completely knock me out, but was just enough so I was still awake and could hear what was going on but I didn't care what the heck they did to me! 😁 I did not have to wear an eye patch, just sunglasses (which they provided) on the way home. And tons of eye drops both before and after the surgeries. Follow-up with the surgeon after 1 week for each eye, than 1 month for both eyes, then 6 months for both eyes. Then a year. You will do fine, and be very glad you did. If I can do it, Bermuda, you can do it!
by: susiebelle7 on 07/11/19
My DH had a cataract removed from his left eye this last May. Everything went well. The surgery was done at an eye surgery complex, taking about two and a half hours. I took my cross stitch (Fishing Santa) with me to work while he was having his surgery. He wore dark sunglasses outside (they provided). We ate breakfast in a nearby café and I drove him home. He had an appointment the next day with his regular eye doctor, one week later, three weeks later, and then the first of October. He's doing well and still uses sunglasses when he goes outside.
by: djrb7213 on 07/11/19
Oh, I forgot! I had to go back to see the surgeon the next day after each surgery, too. My surgery was at a eye surgery center, also, not a hospital. Thanks for the reminder, djb!
by: susiebelle7 on 07/11/19
Yes you’ll have a patch. I had one for one or two days and then a week just a nights. You can look forward to a real change in your eyesight but it comes a few weeks later.
by: Marydenmark on 07/12/19