question about pattern
I would like to have this stocking facing the other way (flip the design. ) Is that difficult to do?
Posted by: kec on 11/23/15
Is there a way to make a copy of it and flip it that way? I did a pillow where the pattern was opposite the way the printed x's were on the cloth. It wasnt that difficult, just had to wrap my brain around what I was doing.
by: ella-27 on 11/23/15
The " using my brain" is what I want to avoid! : )
by: kec on 11/23/15
U can go to a printer shop and ask them to do it for you the other way around they might ask you for a little bit more money than the average regular print. Have fun.
by: miss crossstitc on 11/23/15
This can be done on a computer easily, but requires a scanner and a progdam to load the scanned image into thst flips imagss. Most copy shops like kinko's, staples, etc. can set their copier to flip kmage and do not charge extra. They just push a button...

This info brought to you by a little old printer, me!
by: Su Pitt on 11/24/15