how to finish the quilt
I have all of the basting done.I don't know how to do the quilt on my sewing machine. Do you have a tutorial or a video to watch to show me how to do it?
Posted by: thelovingmomof3 on 01/02/16
Hi there

If you go on they will show you how to finish a quilt by sewing it. Have fun.
by: miss crossstitc on 01/02/16
By basting are you talking about the layering of the quilt with top, batting, and back fabric is basted? If you have the layering all done sewing it on your machine will be easy if you take your time. I am a quilter also and I quilt my projects on my sewing machine. There are several videos on You Tube telling you how to quilt it and what designs to choose for your quilting. Just make sure you also have a quilting foot on your machine when you do your quilting. if you take your time and go slow you will do fine.
by: syagel on 01/02/16