A Giant Pair is a couple of monochrome chickens that are just that, giant! These big birds will stitch pretty fast for their size because only full stitches are used. Perfect for any fabric color or count but we highly recommend using the same size piece of fabric for each. They are not meant to be stitched on one piece but you can. They are meant to be framed separately but identically. Don't let my ideas hold you back. Pick any fabric count in the right size and start stitching. A cone of DMC is not a bad idea either. The hen uses 24 skeins of DMC the rooster uses 46 skeins. Remember, size does matter no matter what anyone says! The hen is 361x406 and the rooster is 493x503.

Project Specifications:

70 skeins of DMC floss or 560 meters of 6 stranded floss if using 2 strands.

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Jamie Larson
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