Bookmark Row

This pattern is a front-and-back, single-page (double-sided) pattern. The cover page is in full color and contains a photo of the stitched and completed bookmark. The back side contains a black-and-white pattern with, a color legend with DMC numbers and color descriptions and the corresponding symbols, instructions, and a fabric size and stitch count when completed using 14-count Aida cloth. The design of this pattern has a stitch count of 96 w by 26 h. When stitched on 14-count Aida cloth, it measures 6 3/4” w by 1 3/4” h. The stitch count is listed with the legend, so the person stitching this project can use a higher or lower count of Aida-cloth so long as they measure accordingly. Before offering this design, I stitched it myself. I often will adjust the colors as necessary so I know that the colors will blend well and the completed design will be beautiful. The picture of the finished design, as contained in the photo of this listing and cover sheet, are as you will find in the pattern.

Project Specifications:

Stitch Count
96w x 24h
Project Size
6.9" x 1.7" on 14cnt
14ct White Aida

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Designed by:
Karyn Byler
Rogue Stitchery, LLC
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