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What's the difference between Counted and Stamped and how can I tell the difference?
That's a very common question. The first thing is to understand the difference between “Counted” and “Stamped” cross-stitch. Here is a quick definition of both. Here at, you can tell what type of item you are looking at by the Product Type shown displayed on the item page.

Counted Cross-Stitch:

This means the pattern or design is printed on paper in a grid format, and each square on the grid represents the color of floss to be stitched at that location. The pattern color key tells you what color is represented by each symbol. Cross-stitch is done on an even weave fabric that kind of looks like a grid. So you read the pattern, and “count” the grids on the fabric to know where to stitch. Counted cross-stitch is the classic style so you will find many more counted items available.
Counted Product Types: Patterns, Kits & Stichable Items

Stamped Cross-Stitch:

With stamped projects the pattern is printed on the fabric vs. reading it off of a paper grid. The printing is normally done with a washable die that comes off the fabric once you launder it. The printing is done in different colors so you know what color of floss is used at each location. Stamped stitching is great for kids and beginners. You will also find it common with stitchable items such as quilt blocks, pillow cases and afghans.
Stamped Product Types: Stamped Kits & Stamped Stitchables
How can I tell what type of item I'm looking at? (Product Type)
We sell many different products on our website The best way to tell what a certain product is, is to look at the Product Type. This is located on each item page It is normally right of the product picture on our website. Here is a list and explination of the different product types on our site.


A Pattern means it's a counted cross stitch design printed on a leafet or in a book. The floss, fabric and all other supplies needed to complete the project are purchased separately. In most cases, we will show a list of the supplies needed to stitch the project on the pattern page. This allows you, if you choose, to purchase the supplies at the same time.


A Kit is a counted cross stitch project that comes with everything you need to stitch the project. The package comes with the printed pattern, floss, fabric and all other supplies required to complete the project.

Stamped Stitchable:

A Stamped Stitchable is the fabric for your project with the pattern printed on it, but it does not include the supplies. Many stitchables are items like quilt blocks, pillow cases or baby bibs. In most cases, we will show a list of the supplies needed to stitch the project on the item's page. So if you purchase a stamped stitchable pillow case, you will receive the pillow case with the pattern printed on it, but you will need to purchase the floss separately.

Stamped Kit:

Same as a kit, meaning the package includes everything you need to complete the project. It is different than a kit in that the pattern is printed on the included fabric. Along with the printed fabric, the floss, and all other supplies required are included.

Stitchable Items:

Stitchable items are blank things to stitch on. They allow you to use any counted design. Stitchable Items include things like bibs, towels, bookmarks & tote bags. If you purchase a stitchable item, you will use your own design and purchase supplies separately.
So in summary, a Pattern or Stamped Stitchable is just the pattern either on paper (pattern) or on the fabric (stitchable). Kits and Stamped Kits include everything you need to complete the project. And Stitchable Items are neat things to stitch anything you want on, but you supply the design and supplies.
Why do I want to sign up and why is having an account a good idea?
There are a lot of great reasons why signing up with us is a good thing.

Placing Orders:

You don’t need an account to order from us. But, having one is a real plus. We can keep track of your mailing address to speed up your checkout. Also, you can keep track of all your previous orders in your order history. It’s also a great way to keep track of the status of orders in process.

Wish List:

When you’re browsing our store and find something you like, an account allows you to store the item in your wish list. It makes keeping track of designs you like a snap. Find something you might want to purchase at a later time? Just pop it in your wish list! You can view your wish list from your account, and move items from there into your shopping cart.

Chit Chat:

Maybe one of the most popular features of our site is our Chit Chat message board. You don’t need an account to view the board, but having one allows you to interact with other stitchers. Post pictures of your projects to show other folks, help other stitchers with questions, or just share anything else that’s on your mind.

Coupons and Special Offers:

We send out email updates and offers every week. If you have an account, we can pop coupons and special offers to you. How can that be a bad thing?
So Join the fun! If you have an account with us, we are glad you are here. If not, we invite you to join our group. The only information you need to provide is your email address and a password of your choice. Just click the Sign In link at the top-right corner of this page.
Do you have a catalog you can send me?
We have thousands of items available, and we add new items almost every day. This makes it almost impossible to keep a printed catalog up to date so we don't offer one. We hope that our site is organized well enough to help you find what your looking for! If you can't something or need assistance please Click Here to Contact Us and we help you out.
Can I download the patterns on your site?
No. The patterns on our site are printed works that come from the designers. Purchased patterns, leaflets and books will be mailed to you.
Why do I get some sort of Technology Company when I call?
M&R Technologies is the parent company of Everything Cross Stitch. We also operate Everything Plastic Canvas and Everything Latch Hook. When a service representatives answers the phone, let them know which website you are referring to.