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This is one of my bougenvilias.
My quiet place. I am sorry but I have been messing with my kindle to send photos here and I forget one time to another how I did this. Pam
I see there are 3 new fractal patterns in the new pattern site. Very pretty although I will not be buying ant of them.
I am looking for ready made bread cloths to stitch. I am finding the cost to be $10 or more. Does anyone know an inexpensive supplier? Or does anyone know what fabric I need to buy,cut and hem on my own? Thank you!
Made an executive decision yesterday (Sunday) after finishing the 4 puppy ornaments to pick up Sweet Rememberance and continue with it instead of starting a new project as I was supposed to - according to my New Year's resolution. I decided that as I have 3 patterns on their way from ECS to stitch and sew onto cushions I would use the last 2 weeks of the month and next month until they arrive and stitch Rememberance. It's been so long since I looked at it and have started with great enthusiasm and I am enjoying it. We'll see how long it lasts!!
This is really awesome. I have this print over my fireplace. I've always wanted to do it in crossstitch but I also have a chart of Amazing Grace that I wanted to crossstitch in with it. Would this not look very good?
Is there some sort of mite or SOMETHING that ‘hangs out’ in South Carolina? After all the rain we’ve had in the last 1 1/2 weeks, I recently started getting ‘bit’ on my arms, ankles and it’s driving me bonkers!! Our home is clean and well maintained inside and out. The problem seems to have started when I went out in the garden, our lawn is a little high, about 4 days ago and I can NOT see any bugs biting me but I get a red itchy spot here, then there. .then another area...UUGGHHH! Could it be the infamous ‘jiggers?’ DH is NOT having any problems and he’s out there walking around with shorts on!! Thank Heavens I have a doctor’s appointment this Tuesday!! I should be a real bitten up mess by the time I get there!
I pulled a WIP out of the cupboard to get something out of that kit and noticed that it is turning multiple (unintended) colors and actually has a white film/mold on a portion of it. What can I do to fix it? I've been working on this project off and on for 3 years and really don't want to throw it away. I've stored projects for years and this is the first one to do this to me. Any hints and tips would be very appreciated!
because of my dwindling eyesight, it has become extremely difficult to see the eye of needles used for cross stitching. in order to keep myself busy, I have taken to stitching patterns on plastic canvas. because of the difference in size of the canvas, the finished products end up considerably larger than original. for example, one that was intended as a cushion cover for a chair ended up card table sized. 18X18 to 34X34. the original pattern was taken from an old magazine. my next project is called Victorian Charm, a Dimensions design for Wilton Brands out of Woodridge, Ill. stitched on 18 count aida. dimensions of original are 8" X 17", finished size will be roughly 16" X 34". granted, I will probably not be able to stick to the exact pattern because of half stitches and such, but it is pretty. estimated time to work the pattern will be about 6 months. there are more than 42,000 stitches in it. have any of you wonderful folks out there ever tried a project like this?? wish me luck, and thankyou for any and all encouragement. sincerely, Joyce Wagner
I went back to the hairdresser on Friday. We once again went for red and she assured me and told me exactly what she was going to put on hair (even had consulted with the owner). Remember that my husband said he didn't care if it was purple? Well, you should have seen her panicked face. My hair really was a beautiful shade of purple. I am not lying. It was beautiful. I was tempted to go home like that but she wouldn't let me. She put something on the purple to tone it down and then it started to burn my scalp. Rinsed it out and she got out blonding stuff and slathered it all over. So now, I don't know what color to tell you that I have. I just know it isn't good when teenage girls compliment you on your hair color! But I like it and I am having a good time. Pam
Hi - does anyone have experience with Joann’s Frames that are sectional and you assemble yourself. I have some awkward size projects to frame. I can find nothing similar in Toronto. I will be visiting Buffalo tomorrow and could shop at Joann’s. Thanks for any advice.
With our son coming into town, daily life is going to ‘ratchet up’ a few gears.....
Mom's dementia has gotten so bad that she doesn't remember 5 minutes ago but can tell you something from 20 years ago. Well we finally got mom into a nursing home, but her room mate is loud and obnoxious, we requested a room change but were told no, so now she has to deal with that. The place is nice but I feel so guilty. When I was getting ready to leave she said how can you leave me here? I love you and I will do better just take me home. I left crying.
Is this a stamped or counted?
hi my name is Kathy I bought the butterfly lap quilt stamped kit I lost the instructions sheet is there any way you can send me one or how would I get another copy without having to buy a another kit any help you can give me would be appreciated